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6.16 DE Justin Tuck

Q. That bulletin board material will have to come from somewhere else, not in here?

A. For me, personally, bulletin board material doesn't really do much. I don't see something that someone says, or something that someone does, and it hypes me up that much more because I feel like I am going one hundred percent anyway. That is all you can give. Regardless of what somebody says or does, it shouldn't affect your play that much.

Q. Coach talked a lot about how different the approach is this year compared to last year. Is there a bigger chip on your shoulder after the way last year ended?

A. I think we had a lot to prove last year. A lot of people were saying that the Super Bowl was a fluke. We were a hot team, and kind of played out of our minds in the Super Bowl game. It might be different, yes, but as far as the motivation factor, I think that is still equal. It comes from different sources, but our goal every year is to come out and win as many games as possible and win the Super Bowl. Every year we don't do that, I consider that as not reaching our goal, especially with the talent we have on this team. We have the opportunity to be great, but we have to still go out there and play. We still have to go out there and do our job.

Q. How important is it to have a hundred percent attendance and not have the same distractions as you had last year?

A. There are still distractions, but I think it is very relevant. It shows that the guys are committed to coming in here and working. We understand that the more we compete against each other, the better we are going to get. We have new guys. The more we have the opportunity to play with them and really learn their style of how they play football, and they can learn our style, it benefits us come September, October, November, and so forth. I think that is an encouraging factor. I think it is something that we haven't had, especially since I have been here.

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