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6.16 DE Osi Umenyiora

Q. What is your mindset now?

A. Aggressive. It feels good to be out there with the rest of the guys. I have been out there for a couple of weeks, so everything feels good. It feels like I am ready to go.

Q. What is your assessment of where the defense is right now with the new guys you brought in and what you are capable of doing?

A. We look good. All of those guys look good. I know we are only in shorts and shirts right now. For the most part everybody looks athletic, physical, everybody looks good. I think we are going to be a pretty good defense.

Q. Coach Coughlin was just talking to us, and he felt like there is some unfinished business from last year, a bitter taste. How is your feeling regarding that?

A. Obviously, I think we were one of the better teams in the NFL last year throughout the season. I think we didn't finish. I think we should have won the Super Bowl, but we didn't quite get that done. This year that is exactly what we are trying to accomplish. Every team is trying to accomplish that, and if you don't accomplish that, then it's not a good season. 

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