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6.17 Coach Tom Coughlin

Q:  How severe was the Sinorice Moss injury?

A:  He is not going to make it back for this camp.  Unfortunately it is going to keep him out.  He was getting a lot of snaps and he was doing something with them.  So it was unfortunate.

Q:  How many of these injuries do you think are going to linger over to training camp?

A:  I hope not, I hope not.  They are soft tissue, there is soft tissue.  And there are different degrees of strain.  But we have been looking at a couple of young guys, for example, who have been out forever.  Why they have not progressed to the point that they can come back, part of it is because there is such a short window to work with them.  And when they miss that amount of time it hurts them.  I told them this morning again, this is the third time that they will have repeated the basic stuff.  By that third time a lot of stuff is sinking in.  The guys that have not participated, they are the guys that are involved in – they don't have the pressure on them except for the classroom to perform.  And it is not as good as it could be. 

RE:  Receiving corps and Moss

A:  We are expecting a lot out of everybody.  We are throwing the ball a lot as you would for a camp of this nature.  The OTAs we threw the ball a lot.  We would like to think that everybody is going to have better years and better seasons in terms of the ability of us to make the big plays, put the ball in the end zone and that type of thing.  He has made good progress and we hope it continues. 

Q:  Do think that just with the way Beckam is built – he is kind of that taller guy and do you think he is going to be a really big part of a lot of the things you guys want to do with the different kind of receiving corps?

A:  Sure he is.  The tight end for us is always …….  Always ……

Q:  RE:  Defense with new coordinator.  ……………

A:  Well, I don't think so, not really.  We are going to accelerate as fast as we planned to do it anyway.  Those guys have heard it before.  So I don't think it is going to hold us back from that standpoint. Does it keep us from putting our whole group together and being able to look at them and go ahead and speculate on what kind of package we will play, or how our rotation will go, yes.

Q:  What is different and what is going to be the same about Sheridan's defense as compared to Spagnuolo?

A:  It will be an aggressive defense.  There will be some subtle things, some small things, but basically it is the same package.  We have had with our aggressiveness and that will continue. 

Q:  How are the two young quarterbacks coming along?

A:  We have given them a lot of snaps.  Woodson, obviously, this morning you saw him throw the deep ball really well.  He is a big, strong guy.  Bomar is learning as he goes.  Andre has the asset of having been here, having not been under pressure, having been coached.  Being a guy that really hasn't been away very long this offseason.  He has been here most of the time.  He has studied a lot, studied on his own.  And he is starting to understand things better and I think it shows.  It shows that he is certainly very much improved every year.  We will see.

Q:  What have you seen from Barden that you like and not like so far?

A:  I like the fact that he is a big, strong kid that has consistently caught the ball.  It is not always exactly the way you would like him to do - the same with all rookies. But he has a great attitude.  He really wants it badly.  He feels like he has something to prove.  And for the most part he has been out here.  He did have that little tweak in the rookie mini camp.  He was, I think, better yesterday afternoon.  I think he was a little bit better this morning.  You always look at those guys and make sure that the mental errors are under control.  That is a big part of it.

RE:  leadership of the secondary.

A:  I think we have a good solid group.  We expect Kenny Phillips to come through a little bit in that regard.  Terrell Thomas.  Corey is not a guy who is going to say a whole lot but he is going to be a good example.  He will work hard.  He is a very good teammate.  That is the way in which I think we will feel his presence.

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