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7.17 PSL & Ticket Program Announced


EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - Giants Stadium LLC today announced the details of its PSL sale program as well as the Giants season ticket pricing plan for the 2010 Giants home games in the new stadium currently under construction adjacent to Giants Stadium. The announcement preceded the mail distribution of approximately 1,600 season ticket brochures expected to be delivered early next week to season ticket holders who currently hold some 5,000 mid-field seats in Giants Stadium.  This is the first in a series of mailings that will be delivered through February 2009.

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The average individual 2010 season ticket price of approximately 69,000 non-Club seats will be $112.  Capacity at the venue is expected to be 82,500, which includes approximately 9,300 Club seats. With the inclusion of those Club seats, the average season ticket price is projected to be $157.  The full pricing plan is available on the Internet at

John Mara said that a lot of thought and preparation has been involved in the ticket pricing process. 

"A lot of research has been conducted," said Mara, "and we have worked to create a system that makes tickets accessible to as many people as possible."

Marketing representatives emphasized that "first in the mail" is not equal to "first choice" at the new stadium.  The brochures will be mailed in clusters and will move from the 50-yard line locations outward in both the upper and lower bowls until every account has received the information. A projected mailing schedule is attached.

All final seat allocations will be prioritized by three factors.  They are current stadium location, tenure as a season ticket holder and expressed preference in the new building.  Season ticket holders have their best chance for their preferred seats in the new building if they select locations that are approximate to their current stadium seating.

"We recognize that this process is new for Giants season ticket holders," said Mara.  "We are committed to working with each season ticket holder to make the transition to the new stadium as smooth as possible."

Potential 2010 season ticket holders will only be able to purchase seats after they receive the brochure mailing with its verified identification number.  At that point, account owners can complete the application and seat selection process on the Internet at or by phone at 1-877-NYG-2010 (1-877-694-2010) where sales representatives are prepared to assist customers.

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