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8.10 Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. Coach, the secondary is getting a lot of praise throughout camp here. How much of what they are doing is a result of the pressure from the linebackers and the defense?

A. Well, you know there are 11. If you don't get pressure on the quarterback, it is very difficult. But we have seen even in the 7 on 7 they have covered pretty well. I think they are playing well and they are getting better. They are getting some confidence. They got a few of the deep balls now, which is not what we are looking for. Hopefully that will come around as well.

Q. Coach, can you assess where you think you are right now as a team after about a week?

A. We are a long way from where we need to be. There is a process here. It's about the process. We do have four preseason games. We're trying like heck. We would like to get ready for the first game in such a way that we can continue our normal 'take on' procedure. In other words, not have to shut it down and just try to prepare for an opponent. Quite frankly, right now the 'take-ons,' you are throwing so much at them that everything is new almost everyday. We are a week into it and we are not getting the execution that we are looking for, particularly on the offensive side of the ball. I thought the defense was real good, particularly early on. The offense did a nice job with the rally period. But overall, the defense played pretty well and caused the offense a lot of problems.

Q. Fred Robbins got a few snaps?

A. He did. He is going to move along now from the individual part to taking part in one a day and he will get a percentage of the plays.

Q. It has to be encouraging to see him out there, though, right?

A. It is, it is.

Q. Whimper and Evans were added to the list?

A. Whimper, his toe, he has had a problem with that. It is swollen and sore. I think Evans is just a short amount of time.

Q. What's his injury?

A. Muscle, legs.

Q. David Tyree looks like he is expressing some frustration out there and he had a few drops. Do you sense him pressing trying to find a spot on the roster?
A. Anytime a guy is off for a day or a day and a half and then comes back, it's tough. I mentioned to Taye (Biddle) when he first came back last night, things looked real foreign to him. Dave made a nice catch here today, so hopefully he is working his way back into it.

Q. They have changed the rules on the kickoff wedge blocking. Is this good or bad for the Giants, and what adjustments will you have to make on both sides of that play?

A. Well, the rules have changed for safety reasons, obviously. We will see whether those safety reasons help take care of the runner or not now. That is the first thing that I thought of when we talked about that drill. A lot of single blocks now, the wedge being able to take care of the ball carrier right in front of the ball carrier. You still have the two-man wedge, so we will see. I think it is going to take a little time to assess where we are, whether it is a good thing for the return team or a good thing for the cover team. Whether, if indeed, it is a safety measure, which is what it was intended to be.

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