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8.12 Coach Tom Coughlin

Q. What can you tell us about the competition for the third quarterback spot?

A. The thing that's so important right there is that every snap is critical because there's only so many. You know, (Andre) Woodson has done some good things and so has (Rhett) Bomar, he's done a good job, too. But it's been inconsistent, and that's probably what we have to see. Now they'll have some more opportunities in game situations.

Q. How do you balance getting ready for the season with getting ready for the first preseason game?

A. We need work, training camp work, to be honest with you. It's not going to be easy to do that. I've got practices planned where we have them carded. I almost don't want to do that, but I'm going to have to do it because we do need to have, in particular, all of these young guys see some of the things that are going to take place in the game, rather than just our training camp stuff. You know, it's always a delicate balance and you don't like to move in the first preseason game too early towards those kind of practices, and we'll try to hold off for a least a couple of more…we're going to have to do something.

Q. Now that you've had more time to see Travis Beckum, do you see the kind of ways he can be a versatile part of the offense?

A. I think it's starting to develop. Yeah, he's shown some things that have been real good for us to see. He's done a nice job on special teams, he's given us that receiving threat, he's also blocked well, to be honest with you. I think he's had one or two days when he hasn't been as good as others. But he really has done a better job than we expected as a blocker.

Q. How did David Tyree look today? Are you judging him on a day-by-day basis?

A. I mean you've got to judge everybody…it's an everyday thing for every player that's out here. I don't like to see anybody have a time when they can't practice, but obviously when they come back, they've got just so many snaps to try to get themselves ready. So, we'll do that, he's going to pay the price to put himself in position. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he demands a lot of himself. Let's just hope he can string some practices together. 

Q. How do you feel about the defensive backfield's performance so far?

A. I think they've done pretty well this preseason. We've got to put them in game situations, obviously, but they've had a pretty good camp. They've done well based on the fact that our pass rushers have been different so they're taking advantage of that.

Q. What have you seen so far from Stoney Woodson?

A. He's been doing well, and that's a good thing. You like to see that in the preseason.

Q. Do you know what happened to DeAndre Wright yet?

A. I don't know that, they haven't done the x-rays yet. Hopefully, he's not going to be gone for long. We've got the two starting corners (Webster and Ross) on the sidelines…that doesn't help. You do have some very important practices to go here before you can even start thinking about the game on Monday night. We've got a lot a work to do…I hate to have to think about slowing ourselves down.

Q. If neither Rhett Bomar nor Andre Woodson stands out, would you be willing to go with only two quarterbacks?

A. It's always an option. There's nothing we've decided on just yet, but we did it last year. It'll come down to how well these two young guys play in the preseason.

Q. With the intensity that he brings, what does Madison Hedgecock mean to this team?

A. Physical, physical blocking fullback. He takes his job very seriously, does really well with it, and it really sets the tone.

Q. How has Barry Cofield been working his way back, how long do you think it will take him to get back?

A. He needs to work, he needs to practice, but he's done well and worked hard…you know he works once-a-day and he's been working hard on his timing and quickness to try to get those things back. You know, he wants to do more…he's doing okay, he feels like he has some work to do, but it's good to have him out there.  

Q. Have you been happy so far from what you've seen from the wide receivers?

A. Well, the thing that's going on right now…you'd like to have them all out on the field, so you can see what you have. We go back and fourth between seven and eight, with a couple of guys being injured. So for the other guys that have to carry the burden, they've just got to do the best they can. In order to put in the perspective we want it, we obviously need them on the field.

Q. What's the nature of Steve Smith's knee injury?

A. He's got soreness…that's the extent of it right now.

Q. Do you have plans to restrict the players in terms of online social networking?

A. Well, we've had discussions…some things were said, we had a meeting last night and some issues were brought up and discussed. We do have rules in place about where the cell phones are in meetings and so on and so forth. At this point in time, we've stayed with those particular things…I think our players have good common sense. I think two or three of them are involved with that from what I understand, but they know what can and cannot be discussed.

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