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8.12 RB Ahmad Bradshaw

Q: How is camp going for you?

A: Wonderful. I'm just happy to be here. It's a great opportunity for us to be out here and starting off early.

Q: What does it mean to you to be a guy who's going to be counted on heavily?

A: It means a lot. This is one of the biggest years of my life. To have this opportunity, I just have to take advantage of it.

Q: How can you be most effective?

A: I just want to come in and change the game up when Brandon's not in. My explosiveness and to be able to read the holes, just different flows with Brandon being in and me being in, the defense plays it a lot different.

Q: Have you done anything to prepare for more carries this season?

A: Not at all. Just taking certain reps with the ones at practice and just being able to get that camaraderie, just to get that relationship with the linemen.

Q: Did you retain that quickness and explosiveness that you had two years ago, but maybe didn't have last year, is that accurate?

A: That's about accurate. I had a little injury last year and it wouldn't let me get to that top speed. Now I feel great, no injuries, my legs aren't giving me any problems this year, I feel good.

Q: Was it your lower leg last year?

A: Yeah, it was just a calf.

Q: A strain?

A: Yeah.

Q: How much are you looking forward to getting those reps in the preseason?

A: I can't wait. I've been waiting for this year forever. It's a big year.

Q: Do you think you and Brandon compliment each other well?

A: Oh yeah, definitely. We're like big brothers. We are going to tell each other when we messed up and we're going to also compliment each other and help each other out.

Q: Does it help also because you're two different types of runners?
A: Oh yeah, definitely. I can't run like him, he can't run like me. We compliment each other.

Q: Do you know what your role is going to be like this year?

A: I plan on doing as much as they ask. That's the thing with offense, you never know who's going to go in with those running backs and who's going to be in what situation. I just plan on taking advantage of it.

Q: With the young receivers, is there more emphasis on the running game?

A: I think it depends on us a whole lot more. Just to get it started, just to get the offense going. With the running game comes the passing game and with the passing game, the running game comes. I think as long as we stay together and keep that relationship, we'll be alright.

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