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8.2 DE Justin Tuck

Q: How odd is it starting camp?

A: It's very odd. I was sitting at the house looking at other people who already started and it got me itching to get up here. But once you get up here, you realize it's camp so that excitement to get up here dies down a little.

Q: How healthy are you?

A: I'm very healthy. Ready to go.

Q: What were you doing leading up to this camp?

A: Training, running, lifting. Trying to get my mind right to come back here and start the season off right.

Q: What are some of the things from last year you're looking to improve on?

You always want to improve on your consistency. For me, there were some games later in the year that I got kind of banged up so I want to improve on my health, obviously. I think I did those two things and hope that we can go out on the field this year and showcase them.

Q: How much are those defensive additions going to help?

They are definitely going to help. Not only just bodies, we got good guys, Chris Canty, Rocky Bernard and Mike Boley. And all of the additions, all of them have played at a very high level for a long time. I think Mr. Reese did a good job as far as getting us some very high quality individuals who are going to really help this football team.

Q: Concerned with Antonio Pierce's situation?

A: I am concerned, because that's my teammate. Him and Plaxico Burress, but it's a situation where we don't know all the details. When Antonio gets here he'll be asked those questions. It's a great concern of ours and we wish him the best.

Q: Is Antonio Pierce going to be distracted?

A: Everyone knows AP. It's not going to be hard for him to turn that focus back on football. If there's one of us who can do that, he's definitely that one, so I'm not necessarily worried about that part of it.

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