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8.2 LB Danny Clark

Q. Can you explain the fatigues you're wearing?

A. I got to go on a USO tour this year – in March – to visit our troops in Iraq and Kuwait so I promised the guys in the Armed Forces that I'd wear their uniform at camp.

Q. What was it like seeing their reaction to you?

A. It was crazy. We went over there to lift morale. They've been watching football all year at two or three in the morning because of the time difference. They were inspired by us and it was a great opportunity, a great experience, and something I'll never forget.

Q. Are you going to wear it all camp?

A. I'm going to try.

Q. Talk about how close this is to your heart with your brothers both serving.

A. This is huge. My brother Jason is in the Air Force, stationed in Korea, and he's over there for a year. We talk on skype all the time and stay in touch. My brother Joshua is out of the Marines and he's at home going to school and working. This has always been near and dear to my heart and I've dedicated every season I've played to them.

Q. Are you worried about Antonio Pierce's mindset since he is the guy next to you on the field?

A. AP is my fearless leader and I take my hat off to him for keeping his head on straight despite all his distractions. All I can do is support him as friend and then as a teammate. Hopefully if we can keep him grounded he'll be fine. I've talked to him. He's in great spirits and he's ready to come here and prove a lot of naysayers wrong.

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