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8.2 Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride

Q: Happy to be back?

A: Yeah. It's that time of year. It's the latest I've ever gone to camp but we're excited and we've got a lot of young guys and we're anxious to see how they respond and if they can do the things that we believe they can do.

Q: Is it a relief that [Hakeem] Nicks signed and he's here on time?

A: Yeah. It's so important to get those young guys in just to give themselves a chance. Otherwise they fall behind and they'll never get caught up because we're going through everything now. It's the second time. This is an important time because it lays the foundation and then you can start building and getting better. You miss this and you never get the foundation.

Q: Outside of reps, what can Eli [Manning] do to build chemistry with some of the inexperienced receivers?

A: Physical reps and also mental reps and the discussion that takes place after the play as we're watching the film. We'll watch the film and I'll say this needs to be done, this needs to be improved so that they're hearing the one voice over and over again. Eli's heard it, the guys who have been here have heard it, but now the new guys hear it so they begin to hone in and see things the same way.

Q: What do you see in Nicks?

A: I think he has very good hands. He looks to be a strong guy, and maybe quicker than I had expected. We've got to see how fast he can assimilate to what we're doing.

Q: Are nerves a factor for young players trying to get a position on the team?

A: Yeah. Not only does he have to have physical ability – the speed, the size, the strength – but does he have mental acuity and is he sharp enough to pick up what's going on? And then the other part, how badly does he want it? How much is he willing to work? How poised is he? Can he can handle his nerves and not allow those to be a distraction and maybe utilize it as a catalyst to your focus, your concentration, and your energy level? The guys who make it have those things.

Q: What do you envision and what would you like to see here in Albany?

A: To me it's the second time through our offense with this group and we've got an especially large amount of young guys that have to come through for us for the first time. We're anxious to see how fast they show the physical ability and what I'm anxious to see is as we put together this year's edition of the offense - the chemistry, the personality, the character – I'm anxious to see that take place in the right way.

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