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8.2 Secondary/Cornerbacks Coach Peter Giunta

Q: Is the corner a deep position this year?

A: Very deep. We're blessed right now because we have seven guys ready to compete and have an opportunity to start and play for us this year. All seven guys bring something different and unique to the table and I think we have a great group, the deepest group I've ever been around in my 19 years in the league so we're looking forward to a great year for them.

Q: Could you elaborate on the guys?

A: Corey [Webster] obviously is coming off of a very big year last year. He did a great job of getting his hands on the football and had an opportunity to catch a few that he didn't and hopefully this year he'll be able to convert those interceptions and really become the game-changer we think he can become. He's become a very good cover corner. Aaron Ross is a very good football player. He plays well against the run and the pass. It's his third year. He's gained valuable experience, he's getting better as a technician, he loves to compete, he loves to play, and we're looking for a big year from him. Kevin Dockery and Terrell Thomas will compete for the third corner spot as well as a starting role and we're comfortable with either of them in that position. Kevin has great speed and great quickness. His ability to mirror the quicker, smaller receivers is huge for us and we're looking for a big year from Kevin. Terrell Thomas did an outstanding job as a rookie, he learned the system very well, he's a bright young man, very, very technique-conscious. He wants to be a great technician as much as anything else. He loves to study and loves to work on his technique and he did a good job for us coming in at the nickel spot. As a nickel you have to be able to play a linebacker role in the running game and be able to cover their best receiver in the slot and he did a fantastic job doing that last year. We look for him to continue to grow and he'll be more productive in the passing game, make some interceptions, have some opportunities for some sacks, and we're looking for him to really up his production this year because of his experience. The three young guys -- DeAndre Wright, Stoney Woodson, and Bruce Johnson -- will be competing for a spot on the roster as well. They all have to learn the system and that'll be the biggest challenge for them. We are a big press-coverage team, we get up on the line of scrimmage, and challenge receivers and get the hands on them. These young men will have that opportunity. They all have enough talent to do that. Bruce has very good coverage skills, Stoney and DeAndre both are good solid football players. They both can tackle, they both can cover. It's just getting used to the pro game and the press coverage that we'll use that will be the big challenge for all three of them.

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