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8.2 Special Teams Coordinator Tom Quinn

Q: Lawrence Tynes mentioned that he was working out during the downtime and has made some changes to his kicking motion? Can you talk about how he's looked and how that's worked out for him?

Quinn: He's doing well with it, trying to get a little more distance on his kickoffs. It's more of a timing thing and where he's planting his foot, is the two things that were looking at, so trying to get his whole body involved to get all of his strength out of his kickoffs, just to give us some more distance and hang time.
Q: Who might win the kick return duties?

Quinn: You know it's wide open right now. So it will be based on how the roster shakes down really, but we've got a lot of capable guys and that's the good thing. Punts, Domenik has done it, Ahmad has done it. We really took a good long look at Sinorice and Mario in the spring time in regards to punts. Then Danny Ware is a guy we would like to get some reps in kickoff returns because that's something he did in preseason last year and we think he could add a lot with his size and his speed.
Q: Would you prefer to have one primary punt returner and two guys as kickoff returner or do you not mind rotating guys in and out if you have to?

Quinn: If you have to, you have to and I don't mind that at all because that means you've got a talented roster. That's what we've been able to draw from the last couple of years is having some talent, to reach down and get some guys. I don't think we're wasting a roster spot. Sometimes when you have a designated guy that just returns kicks and doesn't do anything else, it really affects the other positions on your team.
Q: On the kickoffs, who are you looking at besides Danny?

Quinn: Ahmad, Domenik, you know that same group, Hakeem Nicks has even done it when he was in college and we took a look at him in the spring.
Q: Mario going to do anything?

Quinn: Yeah, that whole group, Mario, Sinorice, so there's a lot of guys to choose from and depending how the roster shakes down, throughout the preseason, who gets the opportunity to go back and show us what they can do.

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