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8.2 WR Steve Smith

Q. What can you tell the rookie receivers about what their first NFL training camp is going to be like?

A. It's a grind. You're going to be tired. You're going to be sore. Just stay focused and try to practice every day – you need those reps.

Q. Do you think there will be a danger on their part of trying to do too much because they want to make a good first impression?

A. Maybe. I'm happy that those guys are excited and ready to go but they just need to take it easy and get in the playbook and learn.

Q. Do you find yourself a little more of a big brother than you've been in the past?

A. Yeah, sure. Because I'm older now and it's my third year I can just tell them some of the things I've learned.

Q. Is this your time now?

A. Yes, definitely. I came in with two vets here and now they're gone so I think it's my time to step in.

Q. In the context of having a bigger role, do you put certain expectations and goals on yourself personally as to what you need to do?

A. Absolutely. I need to make plays and go out there and try to minimize mistakes and make a lot of plays and get on the same page as Eli.

Q. What would you like to see happen over the next few days?

A. I'm just really excited to start a new training camp after a tough loss in our last game. We really want to rebound with a good camp and get everybody excited for this season.

Q. When is the last time you watched the tape of the Philadelphia loss?

A. Not since we watched it a couple days afterward but I haven't forgotten about it.

Q. What haven't people seen from you on the field that they'll see this year?

A. My breakaway ability and my ability to go up top and make big plays.

Q. When you look up and down the roster, what do you think the potential for this team is this year?

A. I think we could be just as good as any year. We lost some good players but we got some good players and I think that with the guys stepping up this year we'll be alright.

Q. How was your off season?

A. Good. A lot of running.

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