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8.3 C Shaun O' Hara

Q. How do you measure the progress of the offensive line during training camp?

A. Well you do it play-by-play, and day-by-day. Everybody knows that training camp is a necessary evil, but I think Coach Coughlin has done a great job of showing us the schedule, and what he expects from us. Our game schedule is a little wacky, with the Monday night game and with us coming in here a little late. We all understand that we don't have a whole lot of time to mess around, we just have to get to work and make each and every practice count.

Q. Shaun what about all the wide outs? Do you think there are guys here that can fill the void left by Plaxico Burress and Amani Toomer?

A. Obviously you want to give both of those guys their guys their respect, but this league is always about the next player. I think the opportunity is there for our guys, and when you guys see the way they work during this off-season, you can tell that they understand what's being asked of them, and the opportunity they each have in front of them. I think in this league that's all you can ask for. We have a lot of talented receives, and they're looking forward to putting they're best foot forwards and potentially creating a name for themselves.

Q. How do you think Eli Manning will perform this year? Where will his game go next?

A. I love Eli questions….you know he's our leader on offense. I think he's taken a lot of responsibility on himself as far as leading this team and in the passing him, he's aware that it's up to him to make sure that these receivers know what they're doing and that they're on the same page.

Q. Is there a hunger based on the way last year ended?

A. I think there's always going to be a hunger, but absolutely, if you need a little extra motivation just throw on the tape from the Philadelphia playoff game. I think we all realize what happened last year and what we did wrong, I'm pretty sure no one is going to forget that.

Q. With the indictment hanging over Antonio Pierce's head, have you given him any advice?

A. Absolutely, I mean AP is a great teammate. I think everybody on this team loves him. I just talked to him and told him that he could reach out to us if he needed anything and that we'd be there for him and that we have his back. It's an unfortunate situation that he found himself in, but I think he's made the most of it. I think it's unfortunate timing, that it's coming right before camp, but he's done a great job at dealing with it.

Q. As a player-representative, do you get concerned even if the legal process doesn't attack Antonio Pierce that the Commissioner might go after him?

A. Well when that bridge comes up, we'll cross it. I don't know what Commissioner Roger Goodell is thinking along these lines, you'd have to ask him. But I support him entirely…I can't say I would've done any different if I found myself in his situation. I don't think he did anything wrong in my eyes, but that's just my opinion.

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