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8.3 WR Sinorice Moss

Q: With a rookie receiver coming in, what do you and your teammates need to do to get on the same page with him?

A: Try to stay consistent. He's got to take everything in, there's going to be a lot thrown at him and there's going to be a lot of pressure. He's the first round pick but he's got to take it in stride, try to stay positive, and understand what's at stake here. He has the opportunity to help this receiving core, go out there and make some plays, and prove to the world what we're capable of doing. It's going to be a lot on him, it's going to be a lot on us as a collective group of receivers but we've got his back and everyone's going to go out there and have some fun.

Q: How hard is it for a rookie to come in given the speed of the game and at what point does the game start to slow down a little bit?

A: When you really truly understand the plays, when you get the concept and you're not worried about where we're lining up and everything.

Q: Where does the team's confidence in the receivers come from?

A: We know what we put into this team every day. We work hard, we contribute, we run the routes, we're catching balls, we're doing all these different things to better ourselves as wide receivers and we can see the daily process. That's why we have tremendous confidence in ourselves. People can say whatever they want to say. That's life. But its up to us as a receiver core and as a team to come out here and do what we have to do so that when we get the opportunity we can go out there and prove it.

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