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8.6 Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Is Eli's deal done?

A: I don't know. As far as I know, it's not, but I'm not sure.

Q: Will it make any difference for him in your mind? Does it make any difference in the way he approaches the job?

A: Not the way he approaches it. That's the way he's always approached it. He's come to work, he's been our leader, he's put all the time in, his attitude has been superior, like it always is. He does everything he can on and off the field. He's a true Giant. Quite frankly, all this has gone on, and I don't even know what's going on, to be honest with you.

Q: Is his level-headedness his best asset as a quarterback?

A: His poise, his calm reassurance, his knowledge, the fact that everyone believes in his knowledge and his ability to make the plays that he has to make in order for us to win.

Q: How are Gerris [Wilkinson] and Bryan [Kehl] doing in their spot at weakside linebacker?

A: They've each had pretty good practices and been recognizable for what they've done on the field. Both have done a nice job on special teams as well, so I've been impressed with that part of our practice.

Q: Is there a big difference with them in terms of who can do what?

A: We'll see.

Q: Anyone really stand out today?

A: I'd have to say that the defense played well this morning. I think the quickness of our front was obvious and you saw some strong penetrating moves on the part of three or four different guys. To look at it from the other side of the ball, I'm really disappointed that when we put the pads on – and it's time to put the pads on – but you don't expect people to come clean like they do when there's no pads on and all they do is turn their shoulders. You've got a blocking surface, you've got shoulder pads, and I didn't expect to have a couple guys to come clean this morning, but it'll pick up. It's always that way early. The defense has been playing well and the offense has got to get in tune with it and catch up.

Q: It looks like [Jay] Alford has gotten off to a good start…

A: Yeah, he's been a guy who has been very quick and very noticeable. He's been off sides (too). He's very athletic, very quick, very mobile, chases from behind and makes plays.

Q: Were you working on anything specific with him in the off season?

A: No, but he smells the coffee. He knows he's got a heck of a chance. He's been around. He's been in multiple roles and he's done them both very well. I think that now he's played the game, he and Osi are good friends who work a lot together, and that's helped Jay [Alford] along.

Q: For the last couple of years here at camp you guys have always seemed to have a receiver step up and make himself known. Is Ramses Barden that guy this year?

A: He's a drafted guy – a high drafted guy – and we have high expectations for him. He obviously makes his presence felt. He's going to get better and he's not the only one. There are a lot of guys who are fighting for that recognition.

Q: How's [Rich] Seubert doing?

A: He's a little stronger today. He did individual. Hopefully he'll be ready by the weekend.

Q: Is [Mario] Manningham okay? He looked like he was carted off the field yesterday?

A: He was cramping?

Q: Do you see Ahmad Bradshaw picking it up now that he knows that he has a good shot of being the number two guy?

A: I think he's been real steady. I don't know if there's any pickup versus where he's been. He had a nice spring, his attitude was great and the same thing is going on here. We expect him to continue to improve and be a guy that surprises a lot of people even in terms of his ability to pick up the blitz.

Q: [Ahmad Bradshaw] had mentioned in the spring that having the weight of his legal troubles behind him has freed him up a little bit – do you sense that a lot this summer?

A: As I said, he's been very steady - in the spring and now.

Q: Talk about Steve Smith's progress so far at camp.

A: Steve has had a good camp. I know he's had one practice that wasn't as good as the others, but day in and day he gives you a good day's work. You can count on Steve – he's reliable and dependable. He also has mental toughness. Even when things aren't going his way, he'll come right back and work just as hard and doesn't get discouraged.

Q: Any impression on the backup quarterbacks so far?

A: I think Andre [Woodson] is throwing it out there. He's throwing it a long way. David [Carr] has had a couple of good practices. The number four practice for the offense was probably as good as I've seen this spring. This wasn't outstanding today but…

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