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8.6 TE Kevin Boss

Q: Last year, the second you walked into camp, you had a hundred microphones around you. Is life a little different this year for you?

A: Yeah, it's a little more relaxed since I'm coming in without that added pressure of trying to replace Jeremy [Shockey]. I've had that year to come in and prove myself and being a full-time starter for a year has given me the confidence to come in a little bit more relaxed this year.

Q: Do you think that camp is easier because you don't have to spend as much time with reporters?

A: Yeah – I get a little bit more naptime so that's always a good thing.

Q: Are you happy to know that your QB Eli Manning will be around for a couple more years?

A: It's great for the whole franchise. I'm hoping that I can be able to be with him for a number of those years. I'm really excited for Eli and happy for him. He definitely deserves it.

Q: Is the youth of the receivers going to put a little bit more pressure on the tight ends?

A: I hope so. We always want the ball whenever we can get it but at the same time I think we've got great guys at receiver. They're all pretty young but I think the two draft picks coming in are pretty much NFL-ready. But if we get more opportunities, we'll just have to try to take advantage of it.

Q: How has camp gone so far for you?

A: It's still early but I feel confident with what I'm doing out there.

Q: How has this higher comfort level been for your game?

A: I think every year I continue to grow. Not only on the field – athletically and physically – but in the meeting rooms, too. I'm continuing to learn the game.

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