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8.8 Coach Tom Coughlin

Q: Tyree and Nicks?

A: Nicks has a little bit of a strain of the hamstring. Tyree has a little bit of a hip flexor.

Q: O'Hara?

A: O'Hara has something with his triceps. I have to find out what happened there.

Q: Canty?

A: Canty's a hamstring.

Q: What has Tyree's work ethic been like?

A: He works. He's a worker. He's worked very hard. He has his weight down. Body fat is minimal. He's a worker. He's a tough guy.

Q: This is going to magnify O'Hara, but are the snaps starting to get to you?

A: It is and I'll never back off from feeling like that. You have some guys in there, here comes the pressure in the A-gap and they're like, 'Oh my god, I have to block this guy in the A-gap,' but they forget about the snap. You have to do it many times under pressure so that the snap part of it becomes automatic and the moving into position to make those very difficult blocks is then your primary objective. But yes, I am disappointed those three sailed over their head. They don't even know it until they turn back around. We have two tall quarterbacks and the third one, the tall quarterback would have needed a step ladder.

Q: Not that you're giving him a free pass, but at what point is it like alright, enough of that, we need to start getting those down?

A: Maybe yesterday, probably yesterday. We'll be at (our) number nine (practice) tonight.

Q: Ramses Barden today?

A: He's in there. He's a battler. He caught the deep one over the top. You stand there in the green zone and you notice what a difference it is with him. Hopefully we can take advantage of that. He's plugging along, doing what we ask him to do and he's on special teams.

Q: Even though Canty didn't practice this morning what have you seen from him so far in camp?
A: He's worked well. When we put the pads on I think he's worked well. I'm disappointed that he has had to miss this time. He's fought his way through this a couple of times. All spring he fought this and was able to keep going, so hopefully it isn't going to take long to get him back.

A: Derek Hagan?

Q: He hasn't dropped any passes. He's been a 'Johnny-on-the-spot' kind of guy. Everybody knows about his abilities on special teams. He's made a lot of real good plays for us. He's had a good camp at this point.

Q: Hakeem caught a nice vertical pass last night. Would you like to see that play more from him?

A: That was last night. Today is this morning. He's not even out there.

Q: Apart from the tough snaps, do you see the offense getting crisper?

A: This was better today. This was real better. It was a little better from a competitive standpoint and hopefully that will keep going.

Q: Did they do a better job with picking up the blitzes?

A: They did today. I think we have a couple of adjustments they completed and a couple of runs they fit in there pretty good. We did a pretty good job up front. We'll see, we have Cofield, Robbins, and Canty on the sideline. They would present a little bit of a different issue in there. But it was good to see us making improvements this morning.

Q: Is Andre Woodson starting to show a little…?

A: Yeah. Since last spring he has. His whole thing is can he make it happen fast enough. Obviously he has a deep ball arm, he throws the ball down the field very well. And he's studied hard, he's worked hard.

Q: What did you think about Kenny Phillips' interception?

A: Quite an interception. That was a tough play. You had three guys there and Domenik Hixon could have come down with it and Kenny did. He made a nice play on that ball. It looked like the receiver was going to be able to outrun the coverage and the ball would arrive at the right time, but that wasn't the way it was.

Q: Travis Beckum?

A: Beckum has gotten a little bit better each day. The thing I think he's started to do a little better is the physical aspect as a blocker.

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