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8.9 Coach Tom Coughlin

Coach: Good afternoon. Yes, we were lucky to get the practice in. Yes, it is supposed to start raining at 5 o'clock. We didn't change the schedule and it worked, thank goodness.

Q. What's the deal with Cliff Louis?

A. Lateral ankle, which is a good thing. He has had his ankle rolled before, so it usually takes a day or so. Once the swelling goes down, he should be pretty much ready to go.

Q. So I guess he was lucky

A. He was very lucky…not only him, but we were, too.

Q. How about David Carr?

A. Carr is fine. He's good to go. He had a (triceps) strain.

Q. How about Steve Smith?

A. Steve fell on his knee last night and it swelled up a little bit. As soon as the swelling goes down, he'll be okay.

Q. What about Corey Webster?

A. Webster had a little hip flexor that was bothering him this morning. Hopefully he's not going to be out for too long.

Q. What about Sha'reff Rashad?

A. He's got a little tight hamstring. He was able to do some things, but not too much.

RE: Fred Robbins coming off PUP

A. Well he's been doing a little individual work, and he's going to start doing a little bit with the team. He's got to keep up with the conditioning and all of that other stuff too.

Q. Do you think he'll be ready by tomorrow?

A. He's supposed to be able to do some tomorrow. Anything we get from him will be good.

Q. You also got Rich Seubert back.

A. Yes, we did get him back. We're looking to maybe also get Shaun O'Hara back, but we'll see.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the incident last night that took place between Madison Hedgecock and Bryan Kehl?

A. They know better than that. They made some mistakes, but they shook each other's hands after… they realize how foolish it was. Hopefully, this will be the last time we see something like that. We're here to work with each other, to get better, to get our team better, to get our team in a position to be able to win. All we ask our players to do is go out there at full speed, never out of control, and to stay off the ground. We had probably 15-20 guys on the ground last night…it just got a little bit out of control. Hopefully that's the end of that.

Q. You had an interesting alignment today with Justin Tuck in the middle with the other two defensive ends still out there, is that just you trying to figure out how to get different guys out on the field?

A. Yes, and there's more to come because we have other guys who haven't been practicing.

Q. You have many capable defensive linemen on the roster. How do you plan on getting them all ample playing time?

A. Different alignments…different situations. We're just trying to create different things for teams to deal with. With Osi back, it will make us even more flexible. Justin Tuck has also been up and down, outside and inside. We're just getting started playing around with that kind of stuff.

Q. Outside of the scuffle he had last night, how do you think Bryan Kehl has been so far in training camp?

A. He's made some progress. We're counting on that, so we obviously need him to make some progress.

Q. Do you want more intensity from him?

A. Well, he was pretty intense last night. Hopefully he can channel that kind of attitude into the games, but he's pretty intense as it is. I think he has made a step in terms of having played in the games and done the things he did a year ago. He's now more hungry to play. He has a little bit better idea of what it's all about.

Q. How has Ahmad Bradshaw's camp been so far?

A. Good.

Q. What's the biggest challenge as his role is changing?

A. He's caught the ball well. Obviously, if he can continue to do that, he will help us out tremendously. He runs the ball well, he's been out there on kickoff returns and punt returns. He's done a pretty good at picking it all up. Also, his pass protection has really improved. As we go forward, that's going to have to continue to be a solid part of his game.

Q. Is he the primary kick returner?

A. We've got a bunch of guys who are going to play in the preseason back there, so we'll see.

Q. It looks like you guys have switched to a two-deep formation on the kickoff returns instead of what you guys did last year having one in front of the other. Is that because of the wedge thing?

A. Well that's part of it…it's part of the two-man wedge principle that we've been experimenting with. It may be though, that if one guy can distinguish himself that we'll go back to what we did last year, with him being the deep man. But, because of the ability of the kickers to put the ball wherever they really want to put it, sometimes its very difficult to just have one guy back there…you're going to end up running the end line forever.

Q. Going back to Cliff Louis, we don't know much about the guy….does he have a shot at making this team?

A. Well, he's worked awful hard at it. He is a guy that really, really works his tail off. He has played tackle and guard, now he playing a little bit more guard, but certainly he does have a good chance. To be honest, the thing that I am most thankful for is that we didn't end up getting a guy seriously hurt because of what took place last night.

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