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8.9 WR Derek Hagan

Q. Coach Coughlin pointed out yesterday that you haven't dropped any balls yet, have you noticed this yourself?

A. Whenever the ball is up in the air you definitely want to go up and make a play no matter what. You want your quarterback to have confidence in you. So when he puts the ball up in the air you've got to try to grab it no matter where it's at, whether it's too low, or too high.

Q. Did you take the time in the off-season to work on your hands in order to improve your catching ability?

A. Well, you're always going to be working on catching the ball. That's what we have to do, be able to catch it no matter where it's going. You have to have confidence in yourself.

Q. Were the stories in Miami regarding your catching ability exaggerated?

A. I definitely think so. Those things are going to happen at times, but you've just got to come back and try to make the next play. Being in down in Miami was great, but now I'm up here in New York and am looking forward to making the most of this opportunity.

Q. Were you surprised when the Miami Dolphins released you last year?

A. Yes, very, very surprised. It was totally unexpected. I definitely didn't think that I would ever be released in the middle of the season. When something like that happens, you've just got to sit down and think about it for while, reflect on the whole situation.

Q. How was your time overall with the Dolphins?

A. I had a great run down there for two and a half years. I mean, they made the decision to move on, and let some other guys play. So now that I'm up here with the Giants, I have a new opportunity.

Q. There are some openings here with the departures of Amani Toomer and Plaxico Burress, but there are a bunch of you guys competing for a limited amount of spots. Do you like your chances to make this team, or do you think it will be tough?

A. It's a great opportunity. I mean we're all just out here competing, trying to get better no matter what happens. Whether you're a veteran or a younger guy, all of us are out here competing. I wouldn't say it's tough, I think I'm in the right spot and I have the perfect opportunity to show everybody what I can do.

Q. How much of a benefit will it be for you this year, that you were here the end of last year?

A. It helped out a lot. Just being able to get a look at the playbook ahead of time has really helped. Also it helped to get to know Eli Manning and the other quarterbacks a little bit. My time here so far has been great.

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