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Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis - 11/7

Q:  With the Giants' defense being so up and down this season, what have you seen on film from them and how do you attack their defense, which has done a good job of forcing turnovers?
A:  Well, they've done a great job with pressure and creating pressure and takeaways. I think when guys have had the opportunity, generally they've come up with the play and made the catch or the strip-sack, fumble. You want to be in position where you can maintain that and slow them down a little bit by playing with great down and distance and so forth. Don't get behind the cadence, as you would say for that. Stay in control of the situation, field position, etc.

Q:  For a Week 10 matchup, this game has big implications. The Giants are looking to avoid a November slump and your team is trying to rebound from a four-game losing streak. Who is this game more important to and what have you been telling your team?
A: Well, it's important to the Cincinnati Bengals. We know for both teams, it's an important game. When the schedule came out, you knew it was going to be an important game. They all are. We're playing a really good football team, well put together, makes few errors and we have to play better football than what we've been playing.

Q:  We talked to Andy Dalton about his interceptions this season, have you guys done anything to make it easier on him?
A:  Two of his interceptions have come on the last play of the game; not necessarily one I can point to Andy's fault.  Two have come off hands. That's four right there. As long as he continues to not throw the football into coverage and take care of the ball the way we would like him, he'll be fine. Even though the numbers seem to be up, they're not necessarily reflective of the quarterback.

Q:  A.J. Green has been doing his part on the offensive end, what do you hope to see from Gersham and Hawkins in the coming weeks?
A:  Andy's going to let the coverage dictate where the ball goes and so forth. When these other guys, whoever it may be, get in matchups that are favorable, he needs to deliver a good ball; they need to make the catch, have a good route, have a good release, whatever it takes to get themselves clean and open early in the down to get opportunities for the football.

Q:  Eli Manning and the Giants offense have struggled in recent weeks, does that make a guy like him more dangerous or do you feel you can take advantage right now?
A:  Well, again, you guys use the word struggling, but I know he didn't have the best game that he wanted to have a week ago against Pittsburgh, but I don't think he necessarily threw the ball into coverage. He had the interception that they came back and got. We've got to play and do our thing and play the way we need to play. They have an effective offense with effective players and we have to do a good job of limiting their explosive and vertical plays. They pride themselves on that and that's going to be important. We have to win on third down by applying pressure and being in the right coverage spots on the quarterback. The quarterback is a fine, fine player.

Q:  Does Eli continue to be regarded as one of the most dangerous quarterbacks to face?
A:  I believe so.


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