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Brandon Jacobs on the run game


Q: How excited are you to be back in the playoffs?

A: I am very excited. It is a great opportunity for us and we have Michael Boley on our team who came from Atlanta. It is going to be special.Q: Can you describe the confidence level of this team right now?

A: I think it is very high. Guys are flying around and guys are making plays. Our scout team is giving us great looks right now and our defense is flying around. Our offense is doing what we are supposed to be doing, guys are opening holes, catching balls and making plays. Q: How important is it to run on the Falcons and do you think you can be successful against them?

A: The Falcons are a very fast defensive front, their linebackers run very well. It is definitely going to be a challenge for us but I honestly don't see a reason why we can't. Just like every week, I have confidence in our running game, which hasn't been up to par the whole season. This is another season and hopefully things can work out for the better.

Q: Do you think the running game has discovered something the last month of the season?

A: I think it still can be a little better but for the last month of the season, we definitely ran the ball a lot better than the middle of the season or the beginning of the season, to be honest with you. I don't see why we can't run the ball in the playoffs. These are the best defenses you are going to play against and the teams that play together the best as a team.Q: Do you and Ahmad Bradshaw feed off each other?

A: No question, I go out there and I see him break a long run and I want to try to match it. I want to try to match his intensity every time and vice-versa for him as well. I think we are good together.Q: What do you tell the players that have not been to the playoffs?

A: I tell them that it is the third season for a lot of the young guys. You have the preseason, which is going to be turned up from training camp. You have the regular season, which is going to be turned all the way up and is a whole different ball game. The playoffs are going to be turned up a lot more as well and that is just the way it goes. Teams are going to be that much stronger, they are going to hit that much harder and be that much faster.Q Do you appreciate this playoff run more or are you just in the moment of the game?

A: I am in the moment and worried about the game because the last couple years we didn't make the playoffs and we should have been in it. We were a good enough team to make it and go deep into those playoffs. Right now, we have a chance to be in it and play for it all. The only way that you have a chance to be in it is if you make the tournament.

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