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Postgame Quotes: Coach Brian Daboll, QB Davis Webb, ILB Austin Calitro, OLB Oshane Ximines, WR Darius Slayton

Head Coach Brian Daboll

Q: What went into the decision of which starters to play and which guys to sort of keep back?

A: We took a look at some of their play time in practice and then their play time in the games. Some we just decided to not play. It was a case-by-case basis, and we thought we did what was best for the team.

Q: (Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay) Kenny's played a lot this summer. So, why play him?

A: We were playing all the receivers. I said it's a competitive group, so they're out there competing.

Q: I think your first offensive play. Did you see him on that? Did you have any question with his effort? It was the (Running Back Matt) Breida run on his side.

A: I have to take a look at the tape.

Q: Is his roster spot potentially in jeopardy considering you said it's a competitive group and you wanted to see everyone out there? He's a big salary guy who's been a veteran who's done a lot in the league.

A: I mean look, all of those receivers are competing. And Kenny's had a good camp. (General Manager) Joe (Schoen) and I will sit back, we'll talk about everybody.

Q: Any word on (Quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor)?

A: He should be okay. I don't think there's anything (serious). He just landed hard, and I talked to him at halftime. And he said he's okay.

Q: The other two guys (Tight End Daniel Bellinger and Defensive Lineman Jalyn Holmes) have concussions?

A: Don't know yet. They're getting evaluated for them. So, we'll see.

Q: You want tough decisions, right? You don't want easy decisions. You want tough decisions. Does Davis (Webb) make it a tough decision the way he's played?

A: Yes, certainly. He's been in the offense for a while. I think you can tell out there he feels fairly comfortable in our scheme, and we know what he likes. And he's done a really good job since he's been here.

Q: So that's the last game action you will have this preseason. Is there anything from the start of training camp to now that has kind of stood out and made you either optimistic or pessimistic going into when the games will count?

A: No. We're day-to-day. I think our guys do a job of understanding that's what we need to do in terms of getting better. I think there's a lot of guys that have gotten better. We're getting to know one another. We're trying to develop our schemes. We're trying to develop our fundamentals. We've done that since the start of camp really all the way back into the spring, and we're going to need to continue to do that.

Q: You said the other day about guys on the bubble having to focus on the football and not worry about the numbers. But now there's no football to worry about until Tuesday at four o'clock. Does that change – did you have a conversation in the locker room at all with any of them?

A: I told everybody I appreciate all their efforts. This is a tough time for players. It's also a tough time for coaches, for equipment staff, for trainers, for video, for cafeteria workers that have built relationships with players that have been here since April or whatever it may be. And you build relationships, and when someone doesn't make it, again, you're empathetic towards that. But that's the business we live in, and I'm glad everybody put their best foot forward, and now there's decisions that need to be made and talked about over the next 48 hours.

Q: What have you learned about (Inside Linebacker) Austin Calitro?

A: Tough. Dependable. Smart. He's played in multiple roles. He's done a good job in the kicking game. He's really been a good addition for us at that spot.

Q: (Wide Receiver) Kadarius (Toney). Could he physically not go, or you were just kind of cautious with him today?

A: No. He wasn't ready to go. Nope.

Q: What did you think of Davis Webb's preseason?

A: It was good. Yeah. I think he was efficient. Made good decisions. Led the team down to score points when he got his opportunities. Finished a couple of the games. Tried to give the ball back there with, whatever it was, 26 seconds, to see if we could do it one more time. But I have a lot of confidence in Davis, and I've seen him grow a lot the last few years that I've been with him: his fundamentals, the way he plays the position, his decision-making process. The last few years he's gotten better and better.

Q: Did (Inside Linebacker Micah) McFadden get banged up there at the end?

A: I got to ask these guys.

Q: When you have so many young guys – you brought in I think it was over 25 rookies that were actually coming into camp – some of it I would imagine is projection. You like coaching these guys; you see where they could be one, two steps down the line. Does that make these decisions harder going into Tuesday knowing that you may have a young guy who you have a longer-term plan for, but you kind of have to weigh that against what you have right now?

A: I'd say they're all tough. At this time, they're all tough regardless of – it's a tough decision anytime you're releasing a player. Whether they were capable enough to make it or not, it's still tough. But there's certainly a lot of conversation that will happen here tonight, tomorrow, the next day to try to do what's best for our team.

Q: What do you literally do? Are you going to meet with Joe tonight and start talking the roster through tonight? Or tomorrow?

A: I'll go, I'll watch the game. And then, I'm sure we'll have conversations tonight. We'll meet in the morning. We'll meet again in the morning. We'll meet again in the morning. And then, we'll meet in the afternoon. There will be a lot of meetings.

Q: What do you think of Kenny's summer? Like, how do you evaluate how he's performed in practices and games?

A: He's done a good job with what we've asked him to do. He's competed. And he's played multiple spots for us. He's continuing to learn our offense. I think he's done a good job of learning it. I know numbers and catches and all that, I've got all that, but he's done what we've asked him to do.

Q: I think some people will read into your kind of non-committal quote earlier and say, 'Wait a minute. I mean, this guy was supposed to be one of your top receivers, and you're not committing to him being on the roster?' It seems a little weird.

A: I'm just saying I'm not going to commit to anybody being on the roster or not on the roster until I sit down with Joe and have a conversation with Joe. I mean we have a lot to talk about at a lot of different positions. That's really not what I meant. I'm just saying in general we have a lot of conversations to have.

Quarterback Davis Webb

Q: Close at the at end, you guys managed to pull it out last week. This week a little short, but how do you think the offense did in that fourth quarter?

A: (Quarterback) Tyrod (Taylor), hopefully he feels a lot better, he got hit pretty good there. I thought the offense was doing a pretty good job in the first quarter when that happened. He had a great completion to (Tight End) Daniel (Bellinger). We did some really good things; we just didn't do enough to win. They played really hard, they're well coached. We just couldn't pull it out.

Q: How do you think you played in the fourth quarter? Second straight week where you've been very efficient with the football.

A: Yeah, you wish you can convert that third down obviously. They had a good disguise, probably the best disguise all (game) and they made a critical play there. I've got to make a better decision. It was a throw away but maybe I can push vertical in the pocket and run it. So, they did a good job. Our receivers, we've got two new guys we signed this week. They both played really, realy hard and (Wide Receiver) Travis (Toivonen) had a heck of a catch on the back shoulder ball. It was a lot of positives, it just sucks we didn't win.

Q: Obviously (Head Coach) Brian Daboll is very familiar with you but what do you think you've been able to show him and this coaching and front office in your playing time this summer?

A: I think leadership. Ability to move the football and get points. That's the job of the quarterback, take care of the football. I think we all did a pretty good job in the preseason, all the quarterbacks. There weren't many interceptions. I think there were two in all three games. So, we were smart with the football and that's the job, get points for the offense. I think I did my best and I'll see what happens.

Q: How are you going to handle the next couple of days? Are you talking to the other young guys in the locker room about how to handle the next couple of days because you have been through this before?

A: Yeah. I've definitely talked about it with a few guys, especially young, good rookies and some vets. We've all been in this situation, but I think this is my best preseason I've had. I think that's a credit to the offensive line and the coaches. (Offensive Coordinator Mike) Kafka did a great job calling plays. It was a lot of fun this preseason. Hopefully it works out.

Q: Where do you think you made the biggest jump in your game during this preseason?

A: I think my ability to escape and make plays with my feet. I haven't always done that in my career. Then I went out to Buffalo (Bills) and watched (Quarterback) Josh (Allen) for a while. You kind of pick up on some things. I think escaping in and out of the pocket, making throws on the run, we were close to a couple of big ones today. Very close. Then operationally I think just being in the offense for a while, you can play pretty fast paced.

Q: How much did you expect to play? You came in quicker than you were supposed to.

A: Yeah, well, that's the job of the backup, too. So, I kind of got a sad rep of that because of Tyrod obviously. There's only the second, third, and fourth that I was anticipating but Tyrod gets down sadly and get thrown in there. But we moved the ball down there. We got three points on that drive. He helped us out with like a 20-yard completion. Yeah, I hope he's okay.

Q: Second quarter you were supposed to come in?

A: That was the plan.

Q: Do you wish you got an extra two minutes?

A: Yeah, I wish. I mean if we convert that third down, we get to the two-minute warning and maybe run it out, kick it. Just got to convert that. I'm not mad about the throw away. You can't take a sack there either or you have to punt it to them. So, we got three points. We did a good job, it's just if you convert that, you probably don't give them a chance.

Q: Are you proof that a quarterback in a system just gets better? (Quarterback) Daniel (Jones) is in it for the first time. Do you look at that and say, "You can do it. You just can't do it in a couple months"?

A: I think Daniel has made a tremendous amount of jumps. If you watched the last couple of weeks of practice, it's gotten better and better every day and I'm excited to watch him play. This offense is a lot of fun to play in. It takes a lot of reps, but once you get it and get it rolling, you can have a lot of fun with it. I think he is milliseconds close to that.

Q: How would you describe this year's team going into the season?

A: Dabs and (General Manager) Joe (Schoen) preach it every day, we're going to be smart, tough, and dependable and compete. The goal is to be "1-0". If that's hand it to (Running Back) Saquon (Barkley) 30 times or throw it 50 times, whatever it takes to win that week. Then do some self-scouting and get ready for the next opponent. We've got Tennessee (Titans) the first week of the year and hopefully we'll all get some health back and be ready to rock and roll.

Inside Linebacker Alex Calitro

Q: Tell me about the pick six?

A: It was kind of a broken play, (Jets Quarterback) Joe (Flacco) was rolling out to his right, our left, and he got close to that sideline, so I was actually (inaudible). I saw (OLB Oshane Ximines) Ox number 53 come, and as soon as I saw him, I felt the receiver behind me, so I just fell back a little bit, he threw it, and I don't think he saw me right away. And you saw the result, it ended up being a pick six.

Q: What were you thinking on the way to the endzone?

A: Get there. Leave no doubt kind of thing (Laughs).

Q: As a guy whose been in the league for I guess six years now, with seven or eight different teams, bouncing around being at a lot of different camps, just wondering what fuels you to keep going and persevering with all these teams and everything you have shown this summer?

A: It was really my rookie year, I was bouncing around a lot, and then after that I was pretty much on one team once I got there. If you would have asked me my rookie year if I would've made it to stick around this long, I would've said no. I just want to keep going, when you're undrafted you're not supposed to make it this far. One day when I have kids, I told (inaudible) I want to leave some kind of legacy behind for them, and for me I'm still not done yet.

Q: What have you been trying to focus on this summer, what do you think you're showing the coaching staff?

A: I think first and foremost, the faster you can pick up the defense and show you're a smart football player they trust you more. (Inaudible) When I left the facility, I'd study the playbook for an extra three hours and just show them they can trust me. My rookie year I came in like 245 (Ibs) now I'm 227 (lbs) so I feel faster and lighter.

Outside Linebacker Oshane Ximines

Q: Did you end up blocking for (Inside Linebacker Austin) Calitro on his pick-six?

A: Yeah, but I noticed it was the quarterback, so I wasn't trying to do too much. I was like, 'Ah, (inaudible).' I wasn't going to shove his mouth into the ground. I was like, let me not do too much and I just tried to shed away from him.

Q: Right, but you put the pressure on him when Calitro intercepted it. Pick it up from there, what do you do?

A: The quarterback was on the ground. I tried to just get in his way, so he didn't get Calitro.

Q: What do you think of Calitro?

A: He balled out today. He's a guy that came in and has worked since the first day he got here. I've got a lot of respect for him.

Q: Is it a relief that the preseason is over for a guy who has been in the league, to get past this phase and get to the next one?

A: I don't like to take any day for granted, I don't like to take anything for granted. I just come to work every single day. I feel like we did our job in the preseason, came together as a team, and we are looking forward to Week 1.

Q: How do you feel about the work you put in this summer?

A: I feel like my goal was to maximize every single day. I feel like I did a good job of that. I didn't want to take one play, one day for granted. I feel like it worked out for me.

Q: How much potential does this team have this year compared to seasons past?

A: I feel like it has a lot of potential.

Q: What qualities do you see offensively and defensively? Especially on the defensive side this year.

A: I just feel like we grew a lot from the day we got here in OTAs to now. I feel like everybody is really locked in, and we'll just continue to go in the right direction.

Wide Receiver Darius Slayton

Q: Over the next 48 hours what do you think is going to happen?

A: I don't know. Every year, it's kind of like my fourth time doing this. I don't know. I don't really stress about it too much. At the end of the day, if it's meant for me to be here, I'll be here. If it's not, I won't.

Q: Would you be surprised if you ended up somewhere else at this point?

A: I don't think surprised is the word. I don't think I would be surprised now.

Q: This is your first real taste of the business side of it, right? When you're coming in as a rookie, this is the business side for the first time, right?

A: Yeah, I mean I feel like other guys can pass if they're going into contract years or their fourth years. I feel like I kind of had a little bit of an example, I guess. That wasn't the word I was looking for but sure. An example of kind of what it's like and how to deal with it. We'll see what happens.

Q: What have you been dealing with physically? What has been your injury?

A: I just tweaked my hamstring a little bit, but it was nothing major. It's just one of those things when speed is your thing and it's pretty important to run fast, it's a little frustrating to deal with.

Q: You weren't on the field as much as you want to be, do you think when you were on the field you showed what you can do enough? Or was it not enough reps to make your case the way you wanted to?

A: I definitely think throughout camp I made plays, for sure. I think I showed up in some spots, showed some flashes and hopefully, it was enough.

Q: Were you guys as a group surprised? Most starters didn't play. A guy like (Wide Receiver) Kenny (Golladay) did play. As a wide receiver group, he played in the other preseason games and he's kind of the only one in that position that ended up playing today. Did that surprise you guys as a wide receiver group?

A: I would say no, mostly because our room is so competitive. So much talent in there from top to bottom. I think it's in all of our best interests to be out there as much as possible and try to put our best foot forward.

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