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CB Aaron Ross


Q: What is your state of mind?

A: I am ready to move on. It is a big week this week against Philly. They have a really explosive team to go against and it is time to get on to next week.

Q: Why have you had some slip ups the last few games?

A: I am just ready to move on to next week. 

Q: How tough was it to be pulled out Monday night?

A: I am just happy we got the W and now it is time to move on to next week.  Q: Is it tough to be ready to be a starter again?

A: No, it is not. I am in great shape. I feel like I am ready to go so if we have 60 snaps or 80, I feel like I am prepared to play all of them.

Q: What about the punts?

A: I am very, very excited to do that. 

Q: You have wanted to do that for awhile right?

A: Five years.

Q: What can you bring as a returner?

A: I definitely feel like I can make plays back there. I can follow the scheme and we will see what happens.

Q: How do you deal with the Eagles speed?

A: You have to get your hands on them and that's the main thing to slow them down. Those guys run 4.3 or better so we have to get our hands on them. 

Q: How important is that with Vick?

A: Exactly because the safeties have to stay deep and we will be able to get our hands on them and slow them down. Then our big dogs upfront can get to them.

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