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CB Aaron Ross


Q: How do you feel about the challenge of facing Larry Fitzgerald?
A: There are a lot of good receivers in the league right now, so each and every week you are going up against a top ten receiver or top ten quarterback. Being a corner in this league you have to be prepared each week.

Q: What do you think about Larry?
A: He is a big play receiver. He is physical and can get off the ball and get off the jam. You may think you have blanket coverage on him and the quarterback will throw the ball to him and he will go up there and get it. The play is never over with him.

Q: Will you be covering him?
A: It depends on the formation. It is day one but coach is putting in a really good defense so it depends on the formation they have us in.

Q: Does Larry stay on one side?
A: No, they move him around. 

Q: How is the secondary right now?
A: I think we focused a lot better on our responsibility rather than focusing on the other team. We try to make sure we are alright in our position and technique and I think that is what brought us out on top.

Q: Has life been different for you this week?
A: Not as far as in the locker room. The guys are the same all the time and I am the same, so as far as the locker room, no. 

Q: What do you see from Kolb?
A: He is a good quarterback. He was in Philly, so he knows us a little better than a normal Arizona quarterback would. He can make all the throws and he throws the seven route really well. He can throw the fade ball, the slants; he can make all the throws. He is a good quarterback. 

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