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CB Asante Samuel


Q: How is the rivalry against the Giants different than other rivalries?

A: I think it is a lot of intensity. It is a lot of trash talking and a lot of guys on the field that just hate each other. They just want to beat each other's head in. It is very competitive and has a long line of history behind. It is an ongoing rivalry that has a lot to it.Q: What have you seen from Steve Smith?

A: He is getting better and stronger and starting to contribute to the team and that is definitely a plus.Q: Do you think he will make a big contribution to the team?

A: He is here and everybody has the faith and confidence that when his number is called, he will do what the team needs him to do.

Q:How is Mike Vick?

A: He is good. He is doing his thing. He is cool.Q: Steve Smith jumped from the Giants to the Eagles, can you imagine yourself jumping to a rival like that?

A: The way things are going this year, I guess I probably could.

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