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CB Brian Williams Transcript


Q:Did you watch the game when Terrell Thomas got hurt?

A: Yes, I actually was and it was a pretty ugly thing to see. To see another player go through that, you don't wish bad on anybody but that is a part of the game. I hope him all well.

Q: In the back of your mind did you see an opportunity here?

A:That is kind of that situation I was falling into. Just waiting around to see what the younger guys can do and injuries. Like I said, I wish him all the best because I have had that injury myself so I know what he is going through. You hate to see a player go down like that being a player.  

Q:How fast can you catch up?

A: I'm learning the system as fast as I can. I think it will take a couple more days because I just need to learn the terminology and translate it to what I already know. Most defenses are the same so it shouldn't take too long.

Q: How was the workout?

A: The workout was good. I trained all offseason so I was prepared for it and I just came in and did what they asked.

Q: Are you surprised Atlanta didn't bring you back?

A: I was a little surprised but it is the business. They told my agent that they wanted to go younger and develop the younger guys so that's the route they went so I have to move on.

Q: What had the market been like for you?

A: This was my first workout but I did have a couple of phone calls here and there just telling me to be ready and stay in shape so that's all that was out there for me.

Q: What kind of opportunity is it here?

A: Just to pretty much learn the defense as fast as I can and I will be available to contribute wherever. Whether that is playing special teams or nickel, wherever they want to put me.

Q: Do you think you can play on Saturday?

A: I'm not sure, you would have to ask the coach that but I will be prepared.

Q: Are you pleased to have an opportunity like this?

A: Oh yes, this is awesome. Who wouldn't want to play for the New York Giants. The opportunity at hand, it is a great situation for me.   

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player now?

A: I have been a starter in the league my whole career. I went down with an ACL injury and I battled back from that last year. I would say that I am a very good player in this league and I have numbers to show it. It is not about me, I can contribute to this team in more then one way and I am just ready to get rolling.

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