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CB Coach Peter Giunta on play of C-Web


Q: Corey Webster, do you have to look beyond the numbers with how well he is really playing knowing that he is covering the opponent's number one receiver?A: [Stevie Johnson] last week, he had five catches, but they were only for 39 yards. One was for a touchdown, but Corey came up with two interceptions and a big pass breakup. He did a great job on that guy. He limited him to that many yards on five catches. He ended up with two interceptions, a pass breakup and other times the quarterback wanted to throw the ball that way and wasn't able to. The guys did a great job in coverage. It complements the guys up front. They were able to get three sacks. [The Bills] were able to get the ball out quick. We were able to knock balls down. The coverage complements the defensive line and the defensive line complements the coverage. It came in handy real well for us.

Q: Where do you see Prince Amukamara at this point and what do you expect out of him on Monday?A: Well, we're waiting for Dr. Warren (Team Physician) to release him, that he gets the clean bill of health. They read his x-rays and say, 'He's got a green light to go.' I know Byron [Hansen, Coordinator of Rehabilitation] has been working very hard with him to get him back and ready to go. We try to do a little with him after every practice to try to bring him along slowly, but until that foot is completely healed they're not going to turn him loose. [We're] just waiting to have that opportunity to turn him loose.

Q: Prince seemed to think that the plan was for him to start with individual drills.A: Whenever anybody comes back from an injury like that, they will do individual first, maybe for a practice or two. If they do well in the individual, let's say he comes back on Monday, he does individual with us on Monday then he watches the rest of practice. [The doctors] will say the next practice he can do individual plus he does some of the scout team work for us. Then they evaluate – did the foot swell up? That's what they do. They gradually build him up to where he can start doing more and more in practice.

Q: How long do you think it will take him from participating in full team practices to being ready to play in a game?A: It will take him a while to get that timing back and everything. Getting in football shape is a lot different than being in just running shape. He's working very hard to get into football condition, the change of direction and all of that other stuff. It's going to take him a little while.

Q: What about the mental part? The next practice will be his third in the NFL and no offseason. Sounds like he would be incredibly behind.A: Sure, he'll be behind, but hopefully we can bring him along slowly and we can give him a limited role to get him started and then gradually increase his role, just like you do with rookies in general.

Q: How long between participating in individual drills and participating in full-team practices?A: That's up to the medical staff. That's up to them. That's not my decision as to how much he can get and when and what they think his foot can handle. That's up to Dr. Warren and Ronnie Barnes and the whole medical staff. Whatever I can get I'll take.

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