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CB Corey Webster - 12/7

Q: How is it going to be defending this diverse attack?
A: We know we have a good challenge against us. We've got a great quarterback with a lot of good weapons and he knows how to get the ball to his weapons. I think we have to be cognizant for us to communicate everything across the board so we can all be on the same page and that will help us eliminate a lot of their big playmaking ability that we gave up in the past.

Q: Perry Fewell said that he didn't even want to watch last year's game. Are you of that same mindset?
A: That's Coach Perry. I use that film to get better, move forward and see what we can use to help us be a better team this time around. Many mistakes that we made last year, hopefully we can correct it and don't make those same mistakes or any tip or tendency we can get from what they're doing that will help us in this game, I'm going to use that.

Q: Is there opportunity for the secondary to make some plays against Drew Brees?
A: The last couple of weeks he has thrown a couple of interceptions. Hopefully we can keep on building off of that and create some opportunities for him to throw some interceptions and hopefully we can help our team get some turnovers and help us win.

Q: How much more difficult will it be for the secondary if Kenny Phillips isn't able to go?
A: Just like anything else, I think it's another opportunity for another guy to step up and play. Will Hill and Stevie Brown have been doing a good job preparing all year, so there won't be anything new for us. If he's not able to go, those guys will be willing to step up to the challenge.

Q: How do you think you guys have been covering since the bye week?
A: We're trying to get better every week. We go back to the drawing board. We use the film to critique ourselves. We are our hardest critics, so we're trying to get better and use that footage to get better going into this challenging game against Drew Brees and the type of receivers or weapons that he has.

Q: What do you see when you look at Jimmy Graham?
A: I see he's a very good receiving tight end and I think the quarterback does a great job of getting him the ball where it needs to be, whether it's putting it up high so he can go get it at the highest point or putting it on his back shoulder so he can be away from the defender. So I think we have to be close in coverage and that can help eliminate their playmaking ability and getting jams on them at the line of scrimmage because it changes up some of their timing between him and Drew Brees.


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