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CB Corey Webster


Q: What did you think about Brandon Marshall's performance against the Jets?

A: You can't hide him because he is one of their playmakers. I think they did a good job of trying to get him the ball. When we have the opportunity to make plays, we have to make some and hope that we make more than he does.

Q: What do you see from Matt Moore?

A: We played against him when he was with Carolina and we know that he is going to get the ball to the playmakers and let them make plays with their run after the catch abilities. They did a good job of that. They have a good core group of athletic guys that can break a play at any time so we have to be disciplined and stay close in our coverage. We have to be very disciplined in our assignments and stay close when we are down the field. 

Q: Why do you think he is at the bottom of the league in the weekly stats?

A: I have no idea. I just know that he is going against us and we want to be close to the playmakers that they have. The Reggie Bushes and Brandon Marshalls of the world. We want to be close to all of their playmakers so that hopefully they don't get big plays down the field. If we eliminate those, it will help us get the W on Sunday. 

Q: What was Coach Coughlin's message to the team this morning?

A: It doesn't matter who the quarterback is, we have to go out there and impose our will on them. Our job as a defense is to stop them on offense. We are going to do what we were taught to do and trained to do, which is pressure the quarterback, get hits on him, try to get some sacks and turn over the ball. That is all we can control.

Q: Are you worried about overlooking the Dolphins? A: It doesn't matter who we are playing or what their record is, our next best challenge is the next team on your schedule, no matter what their record is. Any given Sunday, anything can happen. Everybody is professional, everybody is good and anybody can win. They haven't put it together yet but that doesn't say that they are not going to be prepared and come out here and work hard to put their best foot forward. We have to do exactly the same and match their intensity and even be greater at that. We will get the W if we do those things and take care.

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