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CB Corey Webster

Q: Can you talk about having a healthy Terrell Thomas back? Having Prince back?And what it has done for the DB's?A: Well anytime you can have all hands on deck, it always helps. Terrell was a great part
of what we did a couple of years ago, and he's back working hard and healthy as he can
be. I think he'll be a plus and add to what we did and build off what we did last year.

Q: What about Prince?A: Prince came in a little banged up last year but is now 100 percent. He's learning the
D. He's got a year of experience under his belt with the playing time he had last year and
he's ready to move forward and help us. He'll be great this year.

Q: Yesterday Terrell talked about how the secondary needed to make a statement.Kind of tired of being underrated. Do you kind of feel the same way?A: No. I just feel like we go out there everyday and try to get better. I think we're a great
group. We have some great guys out there. Myself, Terrell, the young guys, Kenny,
Antrel. I think we all have played some good ball. We all have been around for a while.
I think we know what it takes and what we need to do to be a good secondary and I think
we'll move in and do things in the right direction.

Q: Do you think this is the year you'll finally make the Pro Bowl?A: It doesn't matter to me. As long as I go out there and just try and get better and better
everyday, I think everything else will take care of itself.

Q: Is there a concern when you see Terrell having the back stiffen up after missinglast season?A: As long as the knee is progressing, everything will be ok. We never work like that. It's
kind of hard to train and do those types of things during yesterday. We kind of put some
of them setbacks they're in. But we're still moving along, like it's supposed to, with the
knee and everything with the injury.

Q: With Deon Grant gone, you guys lose some leadership there. You're the oldestguy in the secondary. You're the most veteran guy in the secondary. Do you feel likeyou want to be even more of a leader this year.A: I think every year. You get better and better and need to take that role on you. You
lose some guys but you learn a lot from those guys. I still talk to those guys. I talked
to Deon yesterday. I still talk to Sam Madison and R.W. McQuarters. Those guys are
always giving us good input and always trying to point us in the right direction. I think
we do a great job of acting like a sponge and soak the information to pass it to the young
guys and make their transition much easier than ours were.

Q: Can you talk about how a healthy Terrell and a healthy Prince will add to themeetings.A: Like I said, you got to have all hands on deck healthy. It doesn't matter what position
it's at. We had some bumps and bruises at D-Line last year. But when you have all hands
on deck, it makes us that much better as a team.

Q: Did you get a chance to defend Rueben Randle yesterday?A: I did not. But me and Rueben worked out at LSU together. I always go against him.
We always work out together. Train and stuff together. I know what he's about.

Q: What is he about?A: He's good. I think he's trying to work on his craft and trying to fit in and work on his
talents to help this team be a better team.

Q: Any initial impressions of Jayron?A: He's young. I think he's learning. He came from the 'Beamer' ball. I think he's going
to help us. Not just on his position but also on the special teams side of the things as well.
I think he's fitting in. He's listening to the older guys and trying to make his transition

Q: T-Sqauared gave you guys shirts? Or what?A: We're representing T-2. He's going to be giving these out at practice today. You can
also get some as well too.

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