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CB Corey Webster Interview


Q: What are your memories of the 2007 NFC Championship game?A: I just remember the whole team staying together, fighting, never stopping until the end, until the clock said zero, zero. I had the opportunity to be a part of that and make a play in an overtime game, make an interception to get our team to the Super Bowl.

Q: Do people bring that play up when they meet you?A: A lot of people hold that play in high regard. I just take it as another play. It was a play to get us to the Super Bowl and not much more than that.

Q: With Terrell Thomas hurt, did you step up as a leader?A: I mean we had to, just being here. You hate to lose anybody on your team and we lost a couple guys this year. We always want to step up and make plays. I think the younger guys did a great job with whatever we asked them, they stepped in, they listened. Everything may not have been as smooth as we wanted it, but I think they did a great job of listening and cooperating and getting everybody better to play and I think everybody prepared like they were a starter so I think that helped too.

Q:  Do you think your interception symbolized the team's resilience that year?A; Yes sir, and same thing like I said I got beat early in the game and you just want to make a play for your teammates. You never want to end on a bad play like that so you kind of want to equal out everything and that's all I was waiting for, not to do anything outside of the defense, but in the contents of the defense, trying to make a play and I had the opportunity to make it and was able to make it right there in overtime.

Q:  Have you seen it on TV?A: Not exactly, I'm not a big TV guy, I don't really watch a whole lot of sports especially when it comes to football, I am kind of out of the loop when it comes to that. So, not at all.

Q:  Did you take anything away from that game?A: I gave the ball away, I gave it to Lieutenant Colonel Gadson so I didn't take the ball after the game, but same as he said. I think it was a big thing of just showing us never giving up, never stopping, always fighting, the resiliency of you are never out of the fight as long as you have time on the clock and I think that was big for that play as well.

Q:  Do you remember what was going through your mind as the play was developing?A: Donald Driver and Favre had worked together for a long time so you kind of think he is going to go with someone he is familiar with. So my goal was to just stay as close as coverage as I could to Driver and when I saw the ball come I was able to undercut the route and make a play on it. I just wanted to catch it being that it was cold and freezing at the time. I just wanted to hold onto it and give my team the opportunity to get on the field and get a W.

Q:  What is the key to shutting down the Packers?A: I think we have to be conscious of where there playmakers are at all times. I think we can't give up anything like mental errors, give up mental busts. We have to stay solid in our techniques and our fundamentals and I think that will help us go a long way doing a lot of small things right. Its late in the season so most people think about the schemes and everything like that, but as a player on the field I think we need to do all the little things right – attention to detail, be very fundamentally sound and I think that will help us eliminate a lot of the big plays and ultimately giving us a chance to win on Sunday.

Q:  Rodgers doesn't make a lot of mistakes.A: No I think it comes in our films and studies to try to get those tips and tendencies and I think that our guys do a great job of studying the opposing team. I think we will do the same this week even more so to try to make him create turnovers and I think that happens when you got the front rush and you got the guys staying close in coverage. I think we can get some turnovers and stuff like that, but he normally doesn't turn the ball over, but it's our goal to go out there and force those turnovers.

Q:  Did an 'Us against the world' mentality develop?A: I think it's always started that way. I don't think it had anything go bad. We sweat; we do everything together so it's kind of hard to not be on the same page. So when things get a little hectic I think we did a great job of staying together, nobody bickering or arguing. I think we stayed together great in the locker room and we just kept on fighting and I think that shows the resiliency like I said about that one play. I think that shows a lot, shows the character of the team and I think we put ourselves in a good position here by doing that.

Q:  Is the pressure this Sunday on the Packers?A: I think everybody knows its win or go home, I don't think it's any added pressure needed to be there. We have nothing to lose. We can go out there and put our best foot forward. I think they are going to do the exact same thing. I think it will be a good challenge for us to go out there on Lambeau Field and I think we are going to be up for it. I think all the guys are preparing, flying around to the ball this week. We have a lot of enthusiasm going through our practice and I think that's going to carry over to our game.

Q:  As a secondary how do you make Rodgers hold the ball longer?A: I think it's a mixture of things. I don't think you can say you could do one thing or another. Like to go out there and play all man or all zone or press or play all off. I think with a good quarterback like that you want to throw different things at them so they don't get comfortable with what they've seen. Let them see different things, whether it's disguising things, whether it's pressing – just mixing it up, never let them get a tip on what you're doing and I think that will help us out.

Q:  A lot of people remember the field goal to win the first meeting. Aaron drove down the field in about a minute to set up that field goal. Is this the secondary'schance to revenge for that?A: Revenge? Ultimately we want to win every game that we play. So I don't know if revenge is the right word, but we are going to be conscious of what they did last game, we are going to take everything they did last game and build off of that and know where we went wrong, where were our mistakes and hopefully that will help us better to eliminate those things that helped move the ball fast and quickly down the field.

Q:  Being underdogs in the playoffs, is this an easier way to go into the playoffs?A: I don't think it's easy to get in the playoffs, easier way to get in? No, I just think this is the situation we have in hand right now, we are going to make the best out of the opportunity that we have. We are in there now, so all we can do is put our best foot forward by taking care of the opportunity on hand. That's going up there and taking care of the next game on the schedule. I think everybody will be up for it and it will be a good challenge on Sunday.

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