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CB Corey Webster Interview


Q: How has the team gotten this far?

A: I think it is the effort of everybody every week, going back to the drawing board and trying to get better and better. It doesn't matter if it is a win or a loss, we review the tape, and we study and learn from it and try to get better from it. I think everybody has made a valid effort to do that whether it was a good game or bad game. I think that is what got us into the position that we are in right now and I don't think the guys have stopped; we are doing the same thing this week as well.

* *

Q: What does that say about the team?

A: It is just the resiliency of the team. We bend, we don't break and we don't point any fingers. Ultimately that helps us out and it makes everything smoother. When guys are pointing fingers in different directions, things could fall apart but we never did that and I think that shows the character of the team. It is a close group and whatever our mistakes are that we made in the past, we want to correct them. Like everything else, if there is a mistake not learned from, another one could happen. We have done a great job of learning from those mistakes so we can eliminate those mental mistakes that we had that gave up big plays and big yardage and that is why the yardage and stuff is down now. 

* *

Q: What do you tell the younger players about playing in a championship game?

A: We can name a few players that have played great careers and haven't been in the position that we have been in. I think we have to make the best of these opportunities when we get here and take full advantage of them. Having the guys that have been here a couple of times in those situations telling the younger players what to do, what to look for and what not to do and how to prepare for those games, I think it helps them a lot. It helps them along and it makes their transitions into those games easier and smoother.

Q: What was the feeling like back in 2007 in the championship game?

A: Just knowing you have one more game and the job is not done. It is a great feeling to know that there are 32 teams out there and you are one of the two teams left and everyone else is watching but we still have some work to do. The work is not done yet, I think we put ourselves in a good situation to do something special here and everybody is working hard to do that.

* *

Q: What do you think a wet field will do on Sunday?

A: We still have to play but we have to be aware of what shoes to wear. I think they are a great running football team so with a wet football field, they will do that more but we still have to stop the run and hopefully we put them in different situations. When they are in those long yardage situations, we have to stop it as well.

* *

Q: What challenges does a running quarterback pose to the secondary?

A: We had that last week so we will go back and learn from the mistakes that we made against Aaron Rodgers and him pulling the ball down to get some rushing yards. I think we have to make a good scheme and go back to our techniques defensively to make sure guys are disciplined in staying in their rushing lanes and taking care of their gaps and not allow the quarterback to get out. When we do have everything and he pulls it down to run it, we have everything where it needs to be so we can get a tackle.

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