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CB Corey Webster on the Giants secondary


Q: Guys have said that things in the secondary need to be cleaned up. Where are you on that and how confident are you that it will be cleaned up?

A: We're back to the work day. We installed a great day of work. Still doing the things to take those little things out. It doesn't matter how well you are as a defense, you have to communicate well. It doesn't matter if you're on the sidelines or on the field. Everybody has to be on one accord. We have to get everybody on one page and that eliminates a lot of big plays. It just makes everything much smoother when everybody's on the same page. It's just like anything in life. Eventually we have to get there. The year's not over. We still have games left to go and we're still trying to correct it.

Q: You said the sidelines…

A: Everybody. Everybody has to be on one accord. You can't have plays coming in or signals coming in that aren't right. Once you get the signals you have to translate to everyone else on the field. Like I said, everybody has to be on one accord. Everybody has to be echoing whatever needs to be said. I think that's going to help us take that out. We don't even always stand a chance to make mistakes at that level.

Q: Usually this late in the season that's corrected by now.

A: Yeah, but we're playing a lot of different guys. We've been up and down, having new people on the field. You make no excuse about it. We have a lot of new guys here. That's just the way it is. You can't shy away from it. Chase wasn't here for the first couple of weeks. Now he's here for the last two weeks now. There are going to be communication errors, we just have to overcome them and keep working hard to eliminate them.

Q: With new guys coming in is the obvious answer to simplify things? A: I don't know if the obvious answer is to simplify things because you still have to be good as a defense and do what you go out there to do. You can't simplify to the fact where it hurts your defense. We are aggressive. We like to be an aggressive-style defense putting pressure on the quarterback and trying to knock the timing off between the receivers. You can't simplify it too much where you lose that aggressiveness or your play calling ability. People have to step up and get those things right and get it corrected.


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