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CB Jayron Hosley - 12/13



Q: They have a pretty good receiving corps. Do you guys think you'll be able to pick up the challenge?A: Without a doubt. KP (Kenny Phillips) and Prince (Amukamara) are definitely valuable players in the secondary. KP is a vet and has been around for a while. We definitely can use him and Prince as well, but things like this happen in this game and the next guy up has to be ready to go and fill his shoes and do his job.

Q: What do you think about preparing against the ways they can attack you guys?A: We pretty much, from seeing on film, we know what they're capable of, but it's not about what they're doing. It's about what we can do to stop them and prevent with the offense they have. So it's just about preparing and coach is going to put us in the right position. We're just going out there and doing our jobs and preparing ourselves this week and focusing.

Q: You talked earlier in the season about wanting to stay aggressive. How do you think you're doing with that?A: I think it's been good. It's something that I pride my game on, being aggressive. Not only that but being a focused and instinctive player and being well-prepared and I think with the system that I'm in and the coaches that I've got around me they won't accept nothing else but that. You've got to push yourself and know your assignment and take the extra time to prepare yourself outside of just what the coaches are showing you.

Q: You played a large role in the secondary earlier in the season. Did you learn anything during that time?A: There's things every week that you pick up on. You never want to feel like you have everything figured out. Sometimes you think you got it figured out and a vet will school you or something will come up on you that you haven't seen or you haven't been up against before. So there's always a learning curve, so there's something every week you learn and pick up.

Q: Do you feel like you were a little overwhelmed earlier in the season and has it slowed down for you since then?A: There definitely was a lot on my plate with all that I was doing and learning and trying to comprehend. But at the end of the day I looked at it like if they put this much on me, they had that much confidence in me and depend on me. So it's up to me to take it as serious as they took me to do the job so I had to step up and prepare myself and not look at myself as a rookie. Coach always preaches to me that you're not a rookie. We expect you to step up now. So that's how I took it and that's how I prepared myself.

Q: Do you feel like the game slowed down for you?A: Definitely. It's Week 13. It's definitely starting to slow down for me and I'm catching on, but I'm still humble, still focused in and trying to finish the season out strong.

Q: Did the dip in your playing time frustrate you?A: Not at all. You want to be out there every play, but that's not possible. Things move around, coaches make changes and you've got to live with it. They're the coaches. I'm a man, so it's not something I took personally. It was just something that I felt like I could work harder. They give me more time to prepare myself and evaluate myself and just better my game.

Q: If Prince can't go, you'll probably move outside. Are you more comfortable there?A: I'm a corner. I've played corner all my life. So I'm definitely comfortable out there. That's where I made my name at corner. I'm not saying that I downplay the nickel position. I love playing nickel. Wherever I'm needed I'll play, but at the end of the day I'm going to be playing corner. So I felt comfortable out there, I'm ready and I'm going to be prepared.


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