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CB Laron Scott


SCOTT:** I didn't get a lot of work before then, they still kept me around so I felt like maybe I showed something at practice or they saw something on film that they liked so whatever opportunity it is, whether it is to help on the scout team or on the team or return specialist or whatever I can do to help the team, I'm willing to do.

Q: Did they say you were out of bounds?
A: From the looks of it, Coach asked me did I go out on the one, which I did not. I just kind of slid in the end zone, but I'm guessing since I caught it on the one and that momentum kind of took me in that they would place it at the one instead of it being like a touchback.

Q: You figured it was a…
A: I figured it was a touchback, so I just kind of slid. If I were to know they were going to do that, I would've turned around and tried to return of course. I'll take it as it is. Either way, a win is a win.

Q: So you walked off the field with the ball. Did you keep it?
A: Yeah. Definitely. They let me keep the ball and I was just excited and just ecstatic about just the opportunity to get an interception in the NFL and allowed the opportunity by taking advantage of it. Just trying to do anything I can do.

Q: The veterans were happy that this thing didn't go into overtime.
A: Definitely. A lot of those veterans… all of them coming over to the sideline. They were all very happy for me. Just kept congratulating me. It was just a wonderful experience out there with the blue on with the team just having a good time out there.

Q: Going to have to wait tomorrow?
A: Yeah. It's going to be a long day tomorrow. Hopefully those guys decide to keep me around and I'm just happy the organization gave me a chance. Can't ask for anything more than a chance in this business. It is what it is.

Q: You've already been waived.
A: Yeah. Still wasn't mad about that one. It's a business and you take it as it is in stride and you've just got to keep working and try to get better. A lot of those vets try to tell me that every day and I just try to learn from them and listen to what they say and try to get better from it.


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