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CB Michael Coe

Q: What happened last night?
A: We lost as a team. We did things not sound out there. We just didn't take care of the little things over the course of the whole game.

Q: Did you feel that they were targeting you?
A: No. I thought actually they would, but the quick game is not going to beat you the whole game. I think they got in a situation and they were just attacking the slant. That's not going to win the whole game, so I wasn't really too much worried about that. You can't let that bother you. I think, as a secondary, I hope we can be a little bit sharper on those things, squeeze a little better outside in. Those are things that we can take care of on ourselves.

Q: You said it was a minor tweak?
A: I just didn't know if I could just really turn it over and just really run and I didn't want to put… If I couldn't go out there and turn it out and run and especially it was getting late in the game, it was a close game so it happened the last couple of times. They did double move us and take us with the deep routes, so I was thinking, outside of myself for a second, can I really turn it over and I tried to move a little bit, it was O.K., but I still felt it.

Q: Are you expecting to miss time?
A: I'm feeling pretty good. I'll see really after these next couple of days how it is, but I actually feel real good and I'm still able to move around, so that's encouraging for me. Being a DB, that's kind of like, oh is it going to bother me? I don't really feel it too much, so we'll just see these next couple of days. I'll be getting treatment and things like that and see how it responds.

Q: Are you glad for the extra time?
A: Yeah, no question. I have extra time to heal up, but it's a little frustrating but I can't control that. All I can control is doing what's right and try to remember to listen to (trainers) Ronnie (Barnes) and Byron (Hansen).


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