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CB Prince Amukamara - 12/13

Amukamara: …I'm still doing what the trainers are telling me to do and doing everything I can to get back. *Q: Are you hopeful for Sunday?
A: I'm hopeful. I don't know what the trainers are saying or what the coaches are saying.

Q: Is this a lingering issue right now?
A: I definitely felt a little bit more pain after the game after the adrenaline started to come down, but I don't know what my status will be this weekend until the coach or the trainers tell me.

Q: Are you going to be able to practice tomorrow?
A: I think it's just depending on how I feel just that day by day timeline.

Q: Hamstrings can be tricky.
A: Yeah. They can be quite lingering.

Q: Do you know if it's serious?
A: They didn't tell me if it was a bad one. They said my strength and my motion is still good. It's just that little bite in there when you try to open up. So as soon as that goes away I think I'll be great.

Q: Did you test it at all before getting on the bike today?
A: No. Today was just band work and just trying to strengthen my glutes and my thighs.

Q: You said you could have gone back in on Sunday. Do you think that was just the adrenaline?
A: It could have been. I've played with a torn hammy before in college and all they did was wrap it up and I was still good. So that situation on Sunday kind of reminded me of what happened in college, so I thought I could have. That was going to be the case, but they didn't really need to send me out there. It wasn't worth taking the risk.

Q: Did you tear it?
A: I'm going to say it's a strain. It doesn't feel like a tear. A tear sounds more severe. So I'm going to say it's a strain.

Q: Is it frustrating to pick the injury up late in the game?
A: Yeah. I was trying to stay on a streak and just finish this season out healthy, but this is just a little minor setback. I'm glad it's nothing worse.

Q: What has the training staff told you?
A: They haven't told me anything. I don't know the plan they have for me yet. I'll talk to them after meetings.

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