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CB Prince Amukamara


Q: How did your foot feel?

A: It felt good. When I took off on the sideline I had a little burst. I didn't feel my foot there at all. The only time I really feel my foot is when I'm done with everything. [It's] just sore, not necessarily pain.

Q: Is that something you're just going to have to fight through?

A: Yeah, for sure. It's definitely something that I'm just going to have to fight through.

Q: Does this progress give you any indication of what your schedule might be?

A: I think I'm doing good on the timeline that Coach Coughlin said, which is I'll probably be here with the team after the bye.

Q: At what point do you get the football down? At what point to you work with the coaches and get the scheme where you want it to be?

A: I think that's just going to take a lot of repetition. I do stuff with Coach Giunta after practice, just more ball drills and cover 2 and getting used to that. It's definitely nothing to as close to being in a live play when things are going 100 miles an hour. I think I'll actually have to be in that situation.

Q: Is being out there with the team a start? A: Yeah the mental part is huge. It's definitely going to slow the game down for me.

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