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CB Prince Amukamara


Q: What's your status for Sunday?**

A: The coach hasn't told me anything yet. I just practiced this whole week and just did the best I can out there.

Q: Do you feel better?
A: Yea. I feel a lot better. I feel like I'm improving and getting healthier each day.

Q: Can you play though?
A: Yea. If I can compete in practice, you can play.

Q: Have you been limping the last couple of days?
A: I think it's mental. I'm sure it's still there, but when I concentrate and just run the right way, everything seems to be good. I've evaluated myself on film and the coaches have and I think I look good on film.

Q: Do you feel like you're getting behind at all?
A: No. Not at all. I feel like I'm still there mentally and my conditioning is great.

Q: Do you leave here today with the idea that you're playing on Sunday? Do you have to have that mindset?
A: For sure and I've been practicing like it and studying like it, so I definitely do have that mindset.

Q: Are the juices flowing that you're going to play on Sunday?
A: Yea. I am. There's a sense of anticipation and I've been studying and preparing like it.

Q: What has it been like to kind of watch Marvin deal with his injuries where he just can't get on the field?
A: I mean, it's tough. It's definitely frustrating, especially Marvin's medical history. I know back in North Carolina, he told me he didn't miss a game, so I know it's frustrating and I know he really wants to get back on the field to help this team, but injuries, you can only control them so much, but you can't prevent them all


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