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CB Prince Amukamara Transcript


Re: breaking foot

A: I have never broken a bone in my body and I have never had surgery before, so it's definitely a little adversity I'm going to have to deal with. I still have high expectations with the Giants and high expectations for myself, so it's just all about focusing on the things I can control and getting better in my rehab, and still staying in the playbook.

Q: How did this happen?

A: I was in press coverage and the receiver just stopped and I stopped with him and I just came out of the cut and I don't know if he stepped on my foot or anything like that. What was funny about it was that we repeated that drill like five times right before I had to do it live on the receiver end and there was no problem. It was just one of those random injuries.

Q: Who was the receiver?

A: Duke (Calhoun).

Q: Realistically, if you're out a couple months, do you still think you'll be able to contribute?
A: I have confidence and I'm sure the Giants have confidence in me, too. It's up to me still. I still have to continue to grind in the playbook and be ready whenever I'm healthy.

Q: When will you have the surgery?
A: I don't have a date set, hopefully soon; the sooner the better.

Q: Is it extremely painful right now?
A: No. I can't put pressure on it right now; I can hobble a little bit, but I can barely even do that.

Q: Are they telling you how long it might take?

A: No, they haven't been able to say yet…
Q: …right from the beginning here to get going…
A: I'm really down on myself. I feel like I let the team down and myself down, but I can't worry about that too much. I just have to continue to move forward and continue to persevere and that was pretty ironic because that was one of the words that Coach Coughlin used today, so that hit home with me. I just have to use that as motivation.

Q: Did you know as soon as it happened that something was broken?
A: No. I felt like there was something wrong, but I continued to be in the next play and played on it. After that, I realized something was wrong so I told someone about it.

Q: Have you gotten a chance to speak with Will Beatty at all?
A: No, not yet. I heard that he had a similar injury, so I'm definitely going to talk to him. I talked to Ahmad Bradshaw about it.

Q: What did Ahmad say about it?
A: Just continue to hang in there and do well in rehab and keep up with the playbook.

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