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CB Terrell Thomas

Q: Do you think they'll rest you on Saturday?
A: I hope not. I plan on playing. It's a big week for us. It's a dress rehearsal, going into the regular season. I know the fourth game that the ones don't play too much. Hopefully, he doesn't hold me back and allows me to play.


Q: You guys seem pretty shorthanded, especially with Aaron Ross out:
A: Exactly. At the same time, I want these reps. This is the last time we are able to get great conditioning. The Ravens are a good, physical team, and it gets us ready for Carolina.

Q: Do you think that's something that factors into it?
A: I don't think so. I think it goes with what the call is. I needed rest.

Q: Do you almost feel as a defensive back 'what else could go wrong?' you guys are pretty nicked up:
A: It happens like that at times. The great thing is that we have a lot of depth. We have a lot of young guys that are getting great opportunities to step up and get more reps. They're going to help us in the long run. It's a perfect opportunity for the young guns to get in there and play for us.

Q: What is your confidence in that your injury isn't serious?
A: Not at all serious. I plan on playing Saturday.

Q: So last year when the injuries came and there was no depth, what was that like? A: It's a tight situation. You never want injuries, regardless of who they are. Now that we have the depth, it's different. Last year, I benefitted from the injuries, and I think that a lot of our young guys are going to benefit from it and be able to get those one reps. They're going to get in early and get confidence from the coaches.




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