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CB Terrell Thomas


Q: How is the team handling all the stuff going on?A: We knew it would be different. It is unfortunate with the injuries and the stuff going on with the cap and the Osi situation but we are not going to let it distract us. We are going to keep going out there to practice and play football. It is apart of the game and it is unfortunate, hopefully the injuries are minor and get to come back. It is apart of the game and somebody has to step up and fill that role.

Q: How will these injuries affect you?A: It affects our depth as far as special teams and our scheme as a whole. It is doesn't affect me and Corey as far as playing corner and it may affect the scheme a little bit more, what we like to do but it shouldn't affect us that much.

Q: Does not having three safeties affect what you will be doing?A: A little bit because we lost the third safety and we lost a corner and he was supposed to be moving to that corner or safety role. It was really a nickel role and it was unfortunate but we will find a way to fill that hole. 

Q: Has that been addressed?A: No, not at all. It is only training camp. We are not worried about that right now. We just keep practicing and working on our techniques and getting ready for Carolina.

Q: playing 16 games at corner?A: It is preparation. You have to take care of yourself. You are going to play injured, I played injured many times and I don't make any excuses. It is a grind week in and week out. You have to strengthen yourself. You have to do the proper things in rehab and massages and what not. All those things help you to stay healthy and able to play week in and week out.

Q: Have you ever had a foot injury?A: I have never had a foot injury. They are tough to come back from because they are still sore. That can be from anything, a misstep, over training, off balance, the turf, the grass, the cleat. It could be from a number of things.  

Q: Did you see when Prince got hurt?A: No I didn't.

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