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CB Terrell Thomas Transcript


Q: Do you think you will make the Pro Bowl this season?A: That's the goal. I worked my butt off this offseason. Obviously I have to do it on the field and in the film work and that's what I plan on doing. Coaches will put me in the position and it is up to me to make the plays.

Q: What are some of the things you need to work on to be at that level?A: Consistency. Just being reliable for the defense and becoming a big time player. I think I made some big plays last season but it is time for me to take my game to the next level. That is what I worked on this whole offseason, taking my game to the point where I can be a star for this defense. I told coach Fewell and my position coach, whatever they need me to do to help the team, whether it is being a role player one game and being a guy they have to count on, I am ready to fill that role. Whatever situation they put me in, hopefully I will succeed, God willing.

Q: How hard is it to move around and play different positions?A: It is not hard at all. I have played the nickel spot before my rookie and second year. We were a little low on depth last year but with the additions of Prince, Ross and Corey and being the second year in Fewell's defense, I don't think it will be hard at all.

Q: How much is Prince missing as he misses training camp?A: He is missing a lot. Especially as a rookie not having rookie mini camp and OTA's. The coaches have been doing a good job of bringing it on slow but hopefully he can catch up. It will be fast and me and Corey will do our best to take him under our wings and try to catch him up and so is Ross. Hopefully he can get here as soon as possible and contribute to this team because that is what we drafted him for. 

Q: Have you talked to him before?A: I talked to him during the lockout and what not. I sent him a couple notes and he had some questions for me here and there. He had a couple questions for me. I talked to him and Tyler Sash.

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