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CB Terrell Thomas Transcript


Q: Now that it's over, was it at all a distraction having Osi here but not practicing?

A: Not at all. He's been alert at meetings, been at every practice, hasn't said much, paid attention, getting his knee right and I think it was more of a media stunt to make it a bigger deal than what it really was. He has been a team player about this the whole time. It's unfortunate about the situation, but I'm happy that it was all corrected and he's being a Giant again.

Q: Are you convinced that this is totally resolved?A: I hope so. I don't think there is an issue. If he's back, he's back. Obviously, he came to terms with the Giants and he's practicing again.

Q: Did you learn anything from the Osi situation about signing a long-term deal?A: Not at all. You never judge somebody's situation. I'm not worried about that. The Giants take care of the draft picks that they draft. I'm pretty loyal to them. I love the Giants and I'm not worried about that.

Q: What about if you sign a long-term extension, making sure whatever you sign you'll be as happy with on the last year as you are on the first year?

A: Well you never know. It changes over time. Years come, years go. There are a lot of people that sign a contract that get cut after the second year or third year. It's unfortunate, but it goes both ways. You can't be mad at the player or when an owner cuts that player.

Q: How much better is the defense today, knowing that he's back out there?

A: He's a Pro Bowler, so we're that much better. The way Pierre-Paul came out playing makes him that much stronger, makes him more versatile and gives us a lot more depth.

Q: What do you think about losing Steve Smith?

A: It's unfortunate. We'll find a way to fill that hole we have. There are a bunch of the young players that could step up and make some plays and I can't wait to play again.

Q: Is he a big personality loss as well?

A: Are you talking about in the locker room?

Q: Yes.A: Oh yeah, definitely. Steve's been clutch for us. He was vital in the Super Bowl run. He was a Pro Bowler for us. We hate to see him go, but it's the business aspect of the football game and best of luck to him.

Q: What do you say to people who look at the first preseason game and you guys maybe weren't that impressive offensively, and they're panicking.

A: It's a preseason game. You're working on tackling, building formations, communication, special teams, getting young guys out. It's not about winning the first preseason game.

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