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CB Trevin Wade teaching High School math this offseason


Giants players answer questions heading into the 2017 offseason:

Before the Giants departed the Quest Diagnostics Training Center for the offseason, caught up with some of the players for a recap of their 11-5 run and a look toward 2017. Here is what CB Trevin Wade had to say:

WADE: I'm going to do some vacationing. Like I always do, I'm going to substitute teach. I have four classes left in my masters for secondary education so I'm going to complete that. I teach in Mesa School District in Arizona. I teach all the high schools; I just bounce around from different high schools. They request me to come and it's fun, they're excited.

I teach everything but I get requested for math a lot because I did an economics major and personal finance. I want to end up teaching and coaching when I'm done. I want to do high school because I want to get kids attention before it's too late.

What was the team highlight of the season?

WADE: We got over the hump and got to the playoffs. As a defense, we came up to finish games this year. Unlike last year, I think there were six games we didn't finish.

We were able to finish this year and in the regular season not allow touchdowns before the half and at the end of the game. I thought we really improved this year.

What's one thing you learned about the team and yourself this season?

WADE: I learned that chemistry is important. Unlike last year as a group, we hung out a lot this year. I felt that really played a part when we were on the field because we're all hanging out all the time and getting to know each other. It makes you want to play harder for the next person. I thought that was a really big plus this season.

What's the biggest improvement you or the team made?

WADE: I improved on following my instincts more and making tackles when we need to and playing the ball better in the air. There's things I still need to improve on - knowing more of the details of like what is the weakness of our defense and acknowledge that and know that the other team, the good quarterback is going to find our weakness and come at that. I need to know a better job of knowing that and have that in mind.

What are your offseason goals?

WADE: I'm going back to Kentucky again. It's an every year thing where I work out with my college coach because he knows the best. I think I'll try a new diet to get leaner and get down even more.

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