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Center David Baas

Q: How frustrating is this loss?
A: It's frustrating because you work so hard to get to this point and you come away with a loss. I'm not going to sit here and cry. You have to move on, but you have to be diligent in your work, especially out on the practice field to correct those things and make it right going into the next game.

Q: Is that frustrating when you try and say to build the bridge and then lose this game?
A: Last year is last year. We've got new guys this year too. That's the thing, we have to be able to correct that no matter who's in there and make it work and we can't miss those opportunities when they're presented to us and we did. We didn't execute.

Q: Tom said that when he looks at the film, he said that the protection would be a little better. When you looked the film today, what did you guys see?
A: Yeah, same thing. It needs to be better. There are a lot of aspects of the game and that's everybody included. That means to elevate their game and just do things better, do things more efficiently and those opportunities will open up for us and the outcome will be better.

Q: What happened on the goal line with Ahmad? What did the Dallas defense do?
A: It doesn't matter what they do. It's on the goal line. You need to score, especially if you're on the one-yard line. Period. That's it.


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