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Center Shaun O' Hara

Q: What kind of things do you work on in training camp both as a team and individually?

A: I think training camp is really where you establish your identity. Every year, your team is a little bit different, especially this day in age. There is a lot of turnover in the roster. So this is a time to bring everyone together and create that persona of the team that you want to be every Sunday and this is where it starts.

Q: How about the offensive line?
A: The offensive line is really no different than that. This is our time to really get back to the basics and get back to running the football, which is what we love to do. It's a good time for us to knock the rust off. We have a lot of guys who've played a lot of games, but in addition to that we also have some younger players who want to get some reps as well. I think that's one of the things you do as a group, is improve from within.

Q: How unusual is it that you guys have stayed together so long as a group?
A: I think it's pretty rare. If you look at the big picture of the guys, I think everyone enjoys working together and we have a good group. We care about each other and we push each other. While there may have been opportunities for players to go elsewhere, we made a choice to stick together because we feel we are pretty good. We like this team, we like the New York Giants, and that's the big picture.

Q: How is your ankle? This is kind of a surprise…
A: It was kind of a surprise to me as well. I felt good running yesterday, and the next thing you know there was some fluid and some swelling. We are taking it easy right now and trying to get some of it out. We want to make sure that we are being smart about it, and we'll take it from there.

Q: There is a lot of talk about shuffling the offensive line…does it feel like there is a lot of competition right now?
A: No, really it only gets brought up when we are around you guys. It's not something we are even thinking about. Like I said, I think that we have had a really good offensive line and we have been playing together for a while. In this game, there are always people who want your job. That's really no different this year than any other year. When you look at our offensive line and some of the things we went through last year, you had some guys who had to step in and play. I think what we all learned is that this is a great time to give people reps and if someone ever needs to step up, they'll be ready to go.

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