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Chiefs Coach Todd Haley

Q. Last week Philadelphia really exploited your secondary. Was that more due to coverage breakdowns or what they were doing offensively?

A. I think it was a combination. That is an explosive team. They've got a lot of talent, a lot of players on the offensive side of the ball. I think they play fast, they give you a lot to worry about, a lot of different formations, a lot of different motions, things like that. They threw the wildcat at us a significant amount of snaps and we just never got our feet under us. Obviously, when you give up that amount of yardage there weren't many bright spots across the board. They threw for a bunch of yards and obviously, we need to be better.

Q. How concerned are you about your third down offense?

A. I would say very concerned. When you are 0-fer I would say you're very concerned about your third down. The thing is with our third downs, specifically in that game, we had two first and twenty, I think we had six second and twelve or longer, five third and twelve or longers. When you are in those types of situations that isn't going to go very good for you. The key is to be a little better on first and second down, or a lot better. Then on third down, a more manageable third down, you've got to execute. We need to have guys execute and make plays.

Q. Is Larry Johnson the same type of running back that he has been? What have you seen from him?

A. I don't know, I wasn't with him up until this year. This is all I know. I haven't studied a lot of offense tape in the last few years, at least not Kansas City. I can only go by what I see. He is a big back that can run. He has very good power, but yes he can make you miss in the open field. Although the numbers don't say it right now, I think Larry has a chance to have a very good year. We obviously need to get the run game improved, up front has to improve. That's us across the board, we have to get better.

Q. Tight ends have put up some pretty big numbers against you guys in the first few games. Why is that?

A. A couple of the better tight ends in the league, I think, number one. This group has another good one or a couple good ones. I think it's the personnel. We faced some pretty good tight ends. At the same time, we haven't done a good enough job slowing down those players to give us a fighting chance to compete. We are going to have a great test again this week.

Q. How did you come across Javon Belcher?

A. He was a free agent guy for us who we had our eye on. We had some familiarity with his agent. Sometimes when you know those guys, you keep your eye on them. They have similar type players a lot of times. Just a guy that our scouting, personnel staff had on the radar. We thought he was a draftable type player that when he wasn't we thought it was a bonus to end up with him as a free agent. Now he is getting a little chance to play.

Q. How is he doing on the field?

A. I think he was a little wound-up last week with it being his first real action defensively. That caused him to get out of position a little bit, but I think the more he gets his feet under him and gets comfortable a little bit, we are going to see that he has a chance to be a player.

Q. How many snaps did he play last Sunday?

A. Not enough, not enough, because he is a guy we wanted on the field and just because the way the game went and ended up, not enough. We are going to do some more things to get him out there.

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