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Re: Zak DeOssieA: Just his back. Back's fine.

Q: His back has been an on and off thing?
A: Probably will continue to be from time to time.

Q: How has the team looked coming off of the win?
A: I think they look good. We're working hard at it. Today was very spirited, a lot of energy. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Q: If DeOssie can't go, are Beckum or Herzlich good enough?
A: They're going to have to be. He'll go.

Q: Do you think DeOssie will go?
A: Do I think he'll go? Yes, I do.

Q: How about Nicks?
A: I think he'll make it to the game

Q: Do you know what it was?
A: Yeah, just a little swelling in the knee.

Q: What's the update on Brandon Stokley?
A: He's got a quad.

Q: Any idea how long he'll be out?
A: We'll see. We'll see. I can't tell you that exactly.

Q: Do you know about this week?
A: We'll see about that, too.

Q: Is Umenyiora looking better?
A: Again, a nice practice today. Again, we're going to have to watch and see how he comes back.

Q: With cross country flights, guys who have swelling, do you factor that into whether or not they'll travel?
A: No. We try to control the swelling as best we can, but we have to get there so we'll have to fly. There is some swelling that goes along with that. Normally, we haven't had a situation where that's been a real issue.

Q: Are you concerned about a letdown this week? Have you talked to the team about that?
A: We just talked about trying to use the last game in a positive light and let it springboard us toward the future, not let it be reflective. Last Sunday was over, as far as I was concerned, Monday. We're moving on. We have to move on. I think our team realizes that and hopefully we can use it as a real plus to help us go forward.

Q: How's Justin Tuck coming along?
A: He's a little bit better. I think each day he feels a little bit better, but he was not able to practice today.

Q: Are you optimistic about him?
A: I am optimistic.

Q: Would you want to push Umenyiora if Tuck can't go?
A: No. We'll have an exact plan for Osi [Umenyiora] and that will be directly related to his situation.

Q: Does Tuck's case rely on tomorrow?
A: We'll have to see how Tuck is tomorrow, whether he can go or not. Can he be limited? What's his deal? We don't know that yet.

Q: Is it mostly his groin keeping him out?
A: Yeah, I think so.

Q: It seems like swelling is not a problem for Umenyiora.
A: Well it's not a problem right now, no. Today he came in and he felt good.

Q: Do you see your four young linebackers gravitating toward each other?
A: I see a lot of camaraderie, if that's what you mean, between those guys. Hopefully it's generating better play.

Q: Has Williams given you more than you thought he would have?
A: He's been able to comprehend all of the things that have been thrown at him and not reduce any of his athleticism or speed, which is good, as he gets more snaps on defense and still maintains his special teams responsibilities. He's done well with it.

Q: What do you think about how this team's come together?
A: There's some toughness and resolve. The guys are focused and we're just trying to do the best we possibly can and everybody has to play better. That's the position we've taken since day one

Re: Limiting turnovers.
A: It's the focus. It's been a big focus and the guys have really bought into that. They see the relationship with winning and losing and that stat. They're working as hard as they can - ball security being a huge issue for us.

Q: Is it as simple as that, focus? Is it mental?
A: It's a lot of other things too, which have to do with making sure that your number one thought as a ball carrier is covering the ball up. As a quarterback, for example, recognition and knowledge of where people are and how tight a fit it is with the ball and whether or not it is a good idea, whether it isn't. So there has been some progress.

Q: No knee problems for Stokley, all quad?
A: Quad.

Q: Just a strain, no tears?
A: Strains? Tears? He's in the training room, didn't make it in here. He's got swelling and he's being looked at daily. Beyond that, I'm not free to say.

Q: How did it happen?
A: Running a route.

Q: Did you ever think of flying to the west coast two days early?
A: No. We think we have a good plan for how we travel for the west coast. There's issues when you go on Friday and there's issues when you go on Saturday. Our Seattle trip was a very good model for us a year ago so we'll follow that direction.

Q: Nick's knee is the same one that was hurt two weeks ago?
A: [Yes].

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